Woman reveals her brother, creative director of Schiaparelli, designed her a custom wedding gown

Woman reveals her brother, creative director of Schiaparelli, designed her wedding gown (TikTok / @foxcraftcustom)

A woman has shared her gratitude after her brother, the creative director of haute couture house Schiaparelli, designed her a custom dress for her wedding.

Liz Fox Roseberry, who goes by the username @foxcraftcustom on TikTok, revealed that her older brother, Daniel Roseberry, who took over as the creative director for the fashion brand in 2019, would be designing her wedding gown in a video posted to the platform last week.

In the clip, Roseberry began by acknowledging that the information she was about to share would be interesting to those even “remotely interested in fashion”.

“If you are remotely interested in fashion, this is crazy,” Roseberry said. “I don’t know how else to say it, I am not rich, I am not famous, I am not a rich, famous person, and that’s cool! I’m good with that.”

However, she then revealed that her older brother “just so happens to be Daniel Roseberry, the creative director of Schiaparelli”.

“And, if you’re not familiar, you probably are. You’ve definitely seen his stuff,” she continued, before referencing Lady Gaga’s Inauguration Day outfit, Kim Kardashian’s custom green Schiaparelli corset, and the golden lung necklace Bella Hadid wore on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet last year. “These are the people he makes dresses for.”

In the video, Roseberry then told viewers that she was getting married the upcoming weekend, before adding: “And guess who has designed my wedding dress.”

“Let me say that again. Me, a normal person, a girl in Austin, Texas, I will be rocking a custom couture Schiaparelli gown that my brother Daniel designed for me,” she continued. “It’s crazy that I’m going to be wearing a dress like that.”

The video has since been viewed more than 952,000 times, with hundreds of viewers sharing in Roseberry’s excitement over her custom designer wedding gown.

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“I’m gonna cry. This is so amazing, I can’t wait to see!” one person commented, while another said: “How exciting! I can’t wait for the reveal!”

In the comments, Roseberry revealed that the dress would be made even more special because her brother had “stitched [her] childhood nickname ‘Zeebo’ under Schiaparelli on the tag”. “He’s the best,” she added.

On Thursday, Roseberry revealed the first photos of her custom wedding gown to the hundreds of eager viewers on TikTok.

The video began by showing close-up photos of the shoes Roseberry’s brother designed for her to wear with the gown, which featured a gold toe that resembled a foot.

For the dress itself, the TikToker’s older brother designed a strapless gown encrusted around the bust and sides of the dress with bronze and white beads. The bottom of the Schiaparelli wedding gown featured a full skirt with layers, while the back of the gown featured a corset-style closure.

Roseberry’s wedding look was completed with gold masquerade-style glasses, which were accessorised with strands of dripping pearls.

In the clip, Roseberry then revealed that the skirt portion of the dress was removable, with the TikTok showing the gown being transformed into a mid-length dress halfway through the wedding.

“He nailed it. From head to gold toe,” the TikToker captioned the video.

The wedding dress reveal was met with an outpouring of praise from Roseberry’s followers. “As expected, absolutely DIVINE! You look like an art piece. Congrats, wishing you a lifetime of blessings,” one person wrote, while another said: “That dress is EVERYTHING.”

“I am undone. That is a piece of art you are wearing and you look STUNNING. Your brother nailed it, and knows and loves you well,” someone else wrote.

As for how it felt to wear her brother’s design for her wedding, Roseberry said that she “truly felt so freaking happy in it”.