Woman Says Fiance Didn’t Remember Ever Proposing To Her

A bride-to-be made a post on Facebook looking for advice after she spent the last seven months planning out her dream wedding with her fiance.

Everything was going well until she told her would-be husband that she was going dress shopping and he expressed his confusion to her.

The bride says her fiance has no memory of proposing to her, let alone dating her exclusively.

When he told her that he had absolutely no memory of ever proposing to her, she was surprised, but imagine her surprise when he said he didn’t even know they were exclusively dating.

“Nine months ago my (who I thought was) fiancé asked me to marry him,” the bride-to-be wrote in her Facebook post, via 7News.

“He didn’t have a ring so I assumed it was a spur-of-the-moment decision, but I am a chill woman … I understood the ring will come later and all that matters is we have each other.”

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Most people would assume that, in order to propose, the person asking the question would have the ring ready, showing that they’ve fully thought out their decision to pop the question in the first place.

She revealed that she had been planning her dream wedding for seven months up to this point, but that everything changed when she decided to go shopping for her wedding dress.

“When I told him I was going dress shopping, he looked at [me] like I have five heads,” she said, “Long story short, he claims he never proposed to me! He said ‘Why would I propose to a woman I’m not even dating?’”

She ends her post by joking that she would trick him into going to their wedding and seeing what happens because she doesn’t know what else she should do.

Social media users from Facebook and Reddit were left mind-boggled by the post.

Initially, the post reads as a story about a bad boyfriend but gets significantly stranger by the end when most people start to believe that the girl is the one in the wrong.

“I didn’t know I was dating my husband for the first two weeks, but that is way different than being engaged for months,” said one user.

“She probably said something clever or cute and the guy said ‘Will you marry me?’ tongue in cheek.”

A lot of people agreed with this take.

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“It’s gotta be that… like she grabbed him a snack while she was up and he said ‘Ugh marry me’ or something and she ran with it,” echoed someone else.

Others, however, were more inclined to believe that the fiance might have been messing with her the whole time, almost gaslighting her.

“Everyone’s talking about how [bizarre] the woman is, but no one is talking about how the dude might have been gaslighting her the whole time,” one person wrote.

Someone else even revealed that this happened to them, saying “This happened to me.”

“Proposed, planning a wedding without a ring,” they continued, “used the ring money to buy a hunting [license] and bow then asked me what the hell I was talking about when I brought up my ring.”

It’s much easier to believe that the man is the one in the wrong than the woman, as another user echoed their agreement.

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“I 100% believe this could happen because more than one boyfriend has asked me to marry him (either drunk and/or sociopath),” they wrote.

“If I were a bit more naive I could see myself taking it seriously. But yeah, some guys DO do this. Not normal guys, but some guys.”

Hopefully, the woman decides to call everything off before she spends thousands of dollars on a guy that won’t even marry her.

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