Woman Sews Her Own Wedding Gown and It Is a Stunner

Since being a little girl every woman imagines their wedding day. Their 3 tiered cake with whipped white roses, the sparkly shoes they will wear, what kind of flowers they will hold as they walk down the aisle and perhaps the best part what gown they will wear on their special day.

There is nothing more important than feeling confident and comfortable on your wedding day, feelings your dress brings to life. Bride @carlygordonart said that making her own wedding dress has always been a dream of hers so soon after her engagement she started planning and when the time came, she created the most beautiful and unique gown for her special day.


Her package of fabric had arrived in the mail and she opened it with glee written all over her face. The soft blush silken fabric created the perfect canvas for her dress. She started by making a bodice and then attached the bottom skirt to it. She got a tulle fabric with delicate flowers attached to it off Etsy and attached it in accent areas of the gown.

The results are stunning, and did we mention she is 29 and has not sewed anything since she was 17?

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