Woman Turns Bride’s Wedding Flowers Into a Stunning Table

When it comes to flowers, you can’t get much more romantic than a bouquet made from the bride’s flowers. But what do you do with all those petals once the ceremony ends?

This creator turns dried flowers into stunning pieces of furniture—with help from a bride’s wedding bouquet. Discover how to preserve your wedding bouquet as an heirloom or wedding keepsake.

Wedding flowers can be preserved as a part of a table, which makes for a stunning heirloom piece that can be passed down through generations. Plenty of people were impressed.

“This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.” @talenalee1372

“That is incredible! Very talented!! 😳” noted, @KimberStuff, reflecting on the creator’s woodworking and resin skill.

Another commenter noted, “This has to be the most amazing usage of wedding flowers I’ve ever seen.” @toxic_bebop

This idea is also great for brides with smaller budgets or those who don’t think they need to preserve their entire flower arrangement when it comes time to throw it out. The bouquets are preserved in resin poured over the floral array, surrounding it with wood and serving as an extra thick base for stability.

We were excited to see the final result of this project. The bride who chose the flowers had a vision of her own, and we were able to bring it to life. The wood frame, with its beautiful colors and resin-preserved floral arrangement, makes for an elegant display. The table top is another great option for displaying flowers and other objects or items you might want on display in your home.