Would You Remove Medical Equipment for Perfect Wedding Pictures or Tell Your Sister No?

By: Elizabeth Ervin
| Published:
March 15, 2023

Recently, a woman we’ll call Anna was asked to be a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding. Anna confided that she was a Type 1 Diabetic who uses external blood sugar and insulin devices, one on each arm.

She stated, “they’re both really small (under 2in ea),” and they ensure her condition is monitored autonomously. That means no finger sticks and no insulin injections.

Sleeveless Dresses

One day when the bridal party was trying on dresses, the bride confessed that she wanted them to wear sleeveless gowns. Due to that fact, Anna’s sister asked her not to wear her medical devices during the ceremony because they would look “look ugly in the photos.”

So Anna explained to her sister how she was not removing her essential medical equipment for a photo opportunity. She was not going to do something that would affect her health to appease her sister.

Her Mother’s Suggestion

Anna’s sister then complained to their mother and a few friends, who all took the bride’s side. They all tried to convince Anna that the request was “no big deal” and that she could remove the devices just for the wedding.

Anna couldn’t understand how they could all suggest that. Her mom went as far as to recommend she move the devices to her stomach. Anna informed her mother that moving her blood sugar monitor and insulin regulator to her stomach was highly uncomfortable.

Add to that; the devices must remain in place for ten days. Now Anna’s sister, mom, and their friends believe she is wrong for not agreeing to compromise for her sister’s wedding. Anna does not believe her health is worth any compromise.

Anna’s asked the internet what they thought. Here’s what the internet said.

Decline the Invite

Anna should politely decline the invitation to the wedding. If her sister cares “more about her aesthetic wants than your medical needs,” you don’t need to be there.

So the only compromise Anna should afford her sister is maybe holding something to distract her from her medical equipment.

These Devices Are Uncomfortable

Others who have worn blood sugar and insulin monitoring devices declared wearing them anywhere other than their arm was uncomfortable.

The thigh, lower back, and stomach were all mentioned as places people tried wearing their monitoring devices.

Regarding alternative placement of external monitors, the readings can be inaccurate, which is stressful. “Tell your sister to kick rocks if she cares more about her aesthetically pleasing wedding/photos than your well-being!”

Ever Heard of Photoshop?

There is an app called Photoshop that helps with editing, “has your sister or her wedding photographer never heard of it?”

The devices are so small they could be edited out of the photos. Photoshop is a relatively simple fix, and that should be the compromise. Even if the devices were visible in the pictures, who cares?

The Request Is Absurd

It’s unreasonable and selfish to ask someone to compromise their health condition for a photo—especially a family member who should care about your health above all else. Blood sugar reacts when stressed, and a wedding is a busy, stressful event. To ask someone to go without their monitoring system is absurd.

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This Is Unbelievable

It is unbelievable that the family would side with the bride regarding Anna’s medical condition. What is wrong with people thinking asking you to remove your medical necessity was okay?

It is unbelievable that Anna’s family would rather her be in discomfort or get sick so her “sister could have pretty photos.”

This thread inspired this post.


This article was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.


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