Would You Uninvite a Wedding Guest Due to Poor Hygeiene?

By: Elizabeth Ervin
| Published:
March 16, 2023

Have you ever heard of someone not inviting their brother to a wedding because he stinks? We hadn’t either until this twenty-six-year-old woman, whom we’ll call Britney, shared her story.

Britney has a brother a year younger who works seasonally at a large farming operation. She confesses to not understanding the details of his work, but he does goat breeding, and there are also chickens and pigs on the farm.

The pay is twice more than what he can make elsewhere. Britney explained that it pays so well because it destroys any chance of social life because of the disgusting smell. 

However, he has done it for five years and believes it is worth the cash. Furthermore, Britney admitted to avoiding him during that part of the year. Nonetheless, her wedding plans fall within that time of the year, and Britney has decided not to invite him.

“Honestly, the thought of him coming to the wedding reeking and offending the other guests is very embarrassing.” 

Her Brother’s Reaction

However, after he found out, he was understandably hurt. Britney explained feeling she had “no choice” because of his smell. “I’ve tried telling you that that job makes you impossible to invite to things, but you don’t listen.”

Britney’s brother told her he could attempt to get a week off before the wedding, but she didn’t believe a week was long enough for the smell to subside. Furthermore, she knows they don’t usually allow time off during the busy season.

Finally, he asked why she didn’t schedule the wedding when he wouldn’t have farm work. However, Britney responded, ” I don’t feel like I can (or should have to) plan my life around him. This is what worked for us. But he’s pretty upset he didn’t get a warning.”

So she asked if she was the bad guy. Here is how the internet responded. 

1. A Massive One

“And a massive one.” One suggested they didn’t need to explain the judgment further. And they wouldn’t be surprised if you became alienated; your brother would be better off.

2. It Sounds Like You Don’t Love Him

Not surprisingly, many stated they didn’t believe Britney loved her brother very much. “The guy is trying to make his money. I’d rather be working than be around people like you.”

3. He Wants to Go

It wasn’t lost on the thread that Britney’s brother was attempting to go at the cost of missing a week’s pay during the busy season. That should mean something. One explained that a week’s worth of showers would suffice.

4. I Think She’s Embarrassed by His Job

She is completely embarrassed by his work, which is the primary reason—the possible odor. This user further noted the smell would dissipate with a week’s worth of showers and “essential oils.” So they believed it was an excuse.

5. You Owed Him a Conversation

Many people in the thread agreed that Briney owed him a conversation before planning the wedding during the busy season and not inviting him without warning. “You come across like a judgemental bridezilla on this one.”

6. You Didn’t Even Give Him a Chance

“You didn’t even give him a chance to try to clean himself up.” This user also noted that Britney made assumptions and could have Googled measures for removing the animal smell if it was important to her.

7. Breath Stealing Stench

While most suggested showers are a cure-all, one volunteered to live near a place with this seasonal work, and the “stench is ungodly.”

They elaborated the pay is fantastic, but if you move within six feet of them, your eyes will water from the stench. Finally, they informed the thread that some take up chain smoking to mask the smell of it with tobacco.

8. You Honestly Have No Idea

Somebody suggested that if you’ve never been near a pig farm, you have no opinion. “. When I was within 10 feet of it, I thought I was going to barf. The smell is impossibly strong. If you haven’t lived in proximity to this life, you honestly have no idea.”

9. It Would Ruin Her Wedding

“Honestly, it would ruin her wedding.” This user asked us to imagine the smell of feces in a “20ft square area,” elaborating the linger even after he’s gotten up and moved. They explained that multiple baths and showers do not remove this stench. “It will 100% ruin the evening.”

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10. Farmers Attend Weddings

Finally, people acknowledged that farmers attend weddings and have weddings of their own without offending everyone with a smell.

“Plenty of people with disgusting, smelly occupations can clean up nicely and properly attend a social event.”

This thread inspired this article.


This article was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.


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