‘You are trying to upstage the bride’

A woman doesn’t want her family to follow the dress code at a family member’s wedding.

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. Her nephew is having a wedding, and the dress code is casual. She, however, feels that her family should dress formally despite the wedding rule. But her daughter and mother think she is going overboard.

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“My nephew is getting married in July, and my husband, our daughters (ages 19, 15 and 4) and I were invited,” she wrote. “We were told this is going to be a casual outdoor wedding at the park. My nephew’s fiancee is getting her wedding dress from a pawn shop. I have no idea where she’s getting the bridesmaid dresses. But I’ve seen them, and they’re not something that you’d expect to wear at a wedding.”

“I told my daughters that I don’t care if the bridesmaids or even the bride choose not to look presentable. If we’re going to a wedding on the other side of the country with family we haven’t seen in at least three years, we’re going to look good.”

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But when she told her daughters they were dressing formally for the wedding, her 15-year-old became upset.

“I asked my older two what they were going to wear,” she explained. “My middle said she couldn’t decide and walked out of her room with three of her church/homecoming dresses. They’re nice dresses, but I would never let her wear them to a wedding. I pulled out a dress that she wore at another wedding and told her I wanted her to wear that. She said no because her cousin said causal, and she doesn’t want to upstage anyone.

“She also was upset that I’m taking her to get her hair, nails and makeup professionally done before the wedding, and we will be taking pictures while we’re there. My mom said I’m going overboard and to let the girls wear their church dresses. I told her my girls will be dressed formally no matter what everyone else is wearing. She threatened to buy my middle daughter a new dress to wear and take her nails and makeup off because she wants to follow the dress code.”

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Redditors agreed with the poster’s daughter on this one.

“You are trying to upstage the bride,” someone wrote.

“The ‘presentable’ comment is awful,” another said.

“You’re going to be upstaging the wedding party, which is tackier than showing up dressed down,” a user commented.

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