You Need to Give Your Bar Cart a Creepy Makeover

It seems like the gothic culture also goes well with the Halloween season, as you can combine them both and have them up all year round. That way people won’t suspect a Halloween fanatic but just a goth enthusiast. And if you should decide to get married, you can also throw some goth-inspired wedding bouquets into the mix. 

However, for now, let’s focus on the gothic interior, as TikToker Brittany Elizabeth (@brittanyelizabeth693) shares in her video of her spooky goth-inspired bar cart.


Edgar Allan Poe would have been so proud of this. As you can see, I could imagine most – if not all – of the stuff is thrifted from a thrift store or flea market. It certainly reminds me of the Victorian era mixed with gothic architecture, such as the angel statues. What we have here is a human-size skeleton, which might be a medical skeleton – like the ones you would find at a doctor’s office. We also see a vintage bar cart, as well as some vintage china, glasses, candle holders, and spirit carafes. 

The creepy skulls, spider, and snakes you can probably find at Michael’s or a Halloween store. The next step is adding some fake spiderwebs, and some dried and preserved flowers. Lastly, light some black and red candles, and your spooky bar corner is ready for your guests to be served. Not just on Halloween, but all year round, as this decor is a keeper.