Young & Restless: Nick Catches Gaines Lurking as Victoria an Ashland’s Wedding Begins

In Tuscany, Victoria awakens on the morning of her wedding to Ashland whispering, “Good morning.” She replies that it’s the perfect day to get married. He says he’s never been happier than he is with her and never dreamed he could love someone as much as he loves her. She loves him too and she’s never been more certain about anything in her life. They kiss. Breakfast comes and they talk about this villa being theirs now. All Ashland can think about is marrying her. They start making out until Nikki knocks and calls out. Victoria clears her throat. “Come in!” Nikki’s there to help the bride get ready for the big day.

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In the parlor, Victor tells Billy there’s no reason for him to be there. Billy needles, “You’d get bored without me.” He presumes that Victor knows all about Gaines and Ashland’s manipulation of Camilla Rhodes’ will. Billy wonders if he had anything to do with Gaines’ disappearance — if he didn’t, they have a problem. Victor reminds him he’s responsible for that and vows that one day he’ll pay. He tells Billy to get lost. Billy smirks, “You have no idea where he is either.”

On the terrace, Adam asks Sally if she slept well. She was too nervous — today could make or break her career. Adam advises her to let it play out and approach Victoria when the time is right. He tells her about a great hiking path and she teases that he’s a good influence on her. Adam has been called a lot of things, but never that.

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In their suite, Nick tells Phyllis he’s determined to gain Victoria’s trust back. He’s going to take a walk and clear his head and apologizes again for the tension last night. Phyllis just didn’t like the way his sister was treating him. Nick walks out as she complains he didn’t really give her an apology.
Phyllis rolling eyes Y&R

Billy joins Lily in their suite and updates her that there’s still no sign of Gaines. He doubts he just took off — either he’s hiding and biding his time or something happened to him.

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On the terrace, Victor asks Adam why the hell he brought Sally as his date. Adam assures him that Sally won’t do anything and reminds him if they were judged on their pasts they wouldn’t be there. She’s trying to turn her life around. Victor mocks, “Oh, it warms the cockles of my heart.” Talk turns to Gaines, who Victor is convinced is there to cause problems for Locke, which is bad news for both Victoria and Ashland. Adam’s all in if he needs help. Victor just wants to ensure all goes well for Victoria; he wants her to be happy.
Adam Victor instructions Y&R

In their suite, Victoria tells Ashland he doesn’t have to rush off, but Ashland wants to give her some time with her mom and preserve traditions. The next time he sees her they will be minutes away from their vows. Victoria sighs. “That can’t happen soon enough.” She stops him from kissing her and says, “The next time you kiss me, you’ll be my husband.” He groans, “Oh, sweet anticipation.” He goes and Victoria tells her mother she can’t wait to get married. She has no doubt this will be the most incredible day of her life.
Ashland, Victoria make out before wedding Y&R

In the parlor, Summer and Kyle chat with Tessa and Noah, who recounts the story of an art exhibit he did that was nearly ruined by a woman taking a selfie. Summer muses that his career is skyrocketing, so why is he considering a change. Noah’s feeling a little restless and tells them, “There’s no place like home.” Summer can’t believe it. He tells her it could happen to her too, maybe when she least expects it. Just then, Sally appears.

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Sally understands she’s not Summer’s favorite person since she was behind her move to Milan. Summer snipes about her being in cahoots with Tara. Sally congratulates them on their wedding; she wishes them nothing but the best. Kyle asks what she’s doing there anyway. Sally reminds him she’s with Adam. He wants the day to be perfect for Victoria and so does she. Sally turns to Noah — she hasn’t met him and introduces herself. Noah gives her his name and she senses he must have already heard about her. “Some of it’s true and some of it’s not.” Sally suggests to Summer that they pretend to be civil to each other. Tessa exhales and drinks her coffee.
Noah, Sally meet Y&R

Nick returns to their suite and Phyllis grimaces when he announces that he’s not going to the wedding. She reminds him he’s the brother of the bride. Nick just wants Victoria to be stress-free. Phyllis blurts that she’s never been stress-free in her life, but it’s his family, his call. She supposes she shouldn’t go either, but Nick tells her she should. He’ll consider going to the reception.

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On the terrace, Victor tells Ashland there’s no sign of Gaines. Ashland hopes he left town but isn’t convinced. Victor reassures him, urges him to relax and take a deep breath. Victor walks off and Ashland grasps a chair as he breathes heavily. Nate appears and asks, “How bad is it?” Ashland explains it’s stress, he expects Billy hopes he collapses but he’ll be disappointed — nothing will stop him from marrying the woman he loves. Nate advises him to conserve his energy for later. Ashland muses that he never believe unconditional love to be possible. Nate notices that when he talks about Victoria his breathing becomes steadier. They walk off.
Ashland ill Nate Y&R

Jack finds Adam on the terrace and complain about his bringing Sally to the wedding when she knows what he put Summer through. Adam suggests Jack confront the real reason he’s upset that Sally’s there. Just then, she appears. “Should my ears be burning?” Jack excuses himself. Adam urges Sally to go get ready so she can make her pitch when the time comes.

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In Victoria’s suite, Nikki tells her daughter she knows all about loving a complicated man. Victoria has never felt a connection like this before; she’s never felt so loved or ‘seen’. “And I see him too.” She knows many would like to see her relationship with him fail, but she had to put that out of her head and focus on how she feels. Nikki couldn’t help being protective; she just wanted her to be sure. Victoria states, “I am.” Nikki hopes they’re lucky enough to share their happiness for a long time. It’s time to put on the wedding gown.
Victoria happy Y&R

Victoria walks to the wardrobe, takes out the garment bag and unzips it. She gasps. “This isn’t my dress!” She tells her mother that she talked to Lauren about alterations but this is a totally different dress. Nikki asks if it could be from Ashland. Victoria wonders if it could be from Summer, from Marchetti, but she would have told her. Victoria finds the gown stunning but it’s not her dress! “What should I do?” Nikki asks, “Try it on?”

In the corridor, Nick grills Billy on if he’s planning any last minute fireworks. Billy isn’t, though he thinks it’s a mistake. He suspects Nick agrees given he’s not dressed. “You’re not going are you?” Billy muses that they need to accept Victoria’s decision; this is really going to happen.
Nick, Billy corridor Y&R

On the terrace, it’s nearly time for the wedding to begin. Nate updates Elena that he thinks Ashland will be fine. Sally appears and Adam admires her look. Sally listens as Nikki approaches Victor and tells him Victoria has the wrong dress. She takes off. Ashland joins the Newmans and Victor asks if he’s okay. Meanwhile, Summer and Kyle approach Adam to complain about Sally. Summer says, “Why do I get the feeling something else is going on here? Oh yeah, that’s right… because it’s you and Sally?”

Outside Victoria’s suite, Sally takes a deep breath and knocks. Victoria opens the door but doesn’t have time to talk to her. Sally knows what’s wrong — it’s her wedding dress. Victoria gawps. Sally explains that she swapped out the wedding dress she had with the one she designed. Victoria exclaims, “You what?!” She pulls Sally into the room, and Sally makes her pitch that her design was made for her. Victoria fumes that she’s clearly learned nothing from the crap she’s pulled.
Victoria fume sally Y&R

Sally insists she’s not wrong about this and asks if the dress Lauren had made for her sparked joy. Victoria whispers, “No.” Sally studied the woman who would be wearing the dress and oversaw every detail. Victoria demands to know where the original dress is. Sally has it in her room and will bring it to her if she wants it… after she tries on her gown. Nikki enters and asks Sally, “What are you doing here?” Victoria tells Sally to bring her dress and hang it on the outside of the door. “I am getting ready for my wedding.”

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On the terrace, Phyllis shows off her Marchetti gown and Summer, Kyle and Noah ask why Nick isn’t with her. Phyllis tries to say he’s running late but Noah realizes his father balked at attending. He wants to go talk to him, but Phyllis urges them to let it go. She spots Jack and joins him. Nearby, Billy takes a call from Lily, who is having a “hair emergency.” He watches Victor and Ashland with their heads together and tells Lily, “I’ll see you in a little bit.”
Phyllis gown Kyle, Summer, Noah Y&R

Nikki appears on the terrace and asks everyone to be seated. “The wedding is about to begin.” Sally heaves a deep nervous breath as she waits to see which gown Victoria will be wearing. Leslie begins to tickle the ivories and Ashland takes his place at the altar with Harrison. Victoria appears at the top of the steps and Ashland takes her in. Summer whispers to Kyle, “Oh my God her wedding dress is stunning! I wonder who designed it?” Adam turns to Sally and says, “Well done.” She smiles. Victor joins Victoria and tells his daughter, “You look stunning.” She replies, “Thank you, daddy. For everything.” He says, “I adore you,” and kisses her cheek.
Victoria appear wedding dress Y&R

Upstairs, Gaines snoops around in a suite and makes his way to the window to peek at the wedding ceremony. Nick appears and snaps, “Who the hell are you?! And what are you doing in here?!”

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