16 Top Tux & Suit Shops to Tailor or Rent Your Wedding Day Fit

Even though you, as a San Franciscan, probably maintain a shabby-chic aesthetic — consisting of hoodies and comfortable pants — on the day-to-day, your wedding day will surely be different. You will need threads that bring you out of your ‘chillness’ and into event-appropriate attire. One my wedding day, I opted for a three-piece suit that was custom tailored, but you might be in the market for a tux, whether rental or purchased. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of top tailors and tux-suit shops throughout SF to dress up for your big day. Why is this list free to read?

Tailor’s Keep
#1 of 16 Best Tux Shops in SF

Tailor’s Keep has been assisting customers with formal outfits for weddings, receptions, and other spectacular events since 2015. This tuxedo store, located near Jackson Square, the Financial District, and Chinatown, creates each garment from scratch. This is done in collaboration with multinational cloth makers and fabric mills to ensure the most supple and smooth fabrics. Tailor’s Keep designers think that trust between them and their customers is essential. As a result, they go to great lengths to ensure that you receive the best tuxedo available at their tuxedo shop. It makes no difference whether the client is a regular or a first-timer who needs a bridal gown fitting. It all starts with their house pattern. The tailors next take over five dozen measurements to ensure total correctness. As a result, this is the best-fitting tuxedo you’ve ever worn.

Daniel George
#2 of 16 Top Men’s Wedding Tailors in SF

Daniel George is regarded as one of the top tuxedo boutiques in San Francisco. Daniel George strives to help the groom shine brightly during a wedding by providing the high-end and good value tuxedos. This shop includes things that can help a man look terrific, whether it’s a formal tuxedo or a wedding suit. The groomsmen and groom will look amazing throughout the ceremony as well as on the dance floor, thanks to our high-quality custom wedding suits and tuxedos. Tuxedos are usually worn to increase formality and consistency among the groomsmen and groom. The business ensures that the tuxedo fits precisely and may even assist in the selection of a suitable tuxedo to match the bride’s gown. A great tuxedo is available in a variety of styles.

Hall Madden
#3 of 16 Top-Notch Tux’suit Stores in SF

Hall Madden is a San Francisco-based store that specializes in wedding tuxedos and suits. Whether you need a tux, a blazer, shirts, luxury Italian jeans, or a completely unique suit, the men’s clothes professionals can create the perfect ensemble for you. Hall Madden uses high-quality fabrics to ensure that all of its clothes is both durable and fashionable. The hands-on crew will get to know you and your needs, resulting in a stunning new addition to your wardrobe. If you have any doubts about what a correctly fitted piece looks like, the experts can walk you through the fitting procedure in detail. You’ll have a fantastic day and depart with an attire that screams high fashion.

In San Francisco, there are numerous possibilities for men’s wedding attire. Klein Epstein and Parker, on the other hand, can democratize a tuxedo or formal suit to meet your chosen aesthetic. Through their Made to Measure service, they are all about freedom in wedding clothing. They want you to leave their store with a well fitting and tailored look. Not only that, but you may do it for the same price as an off-the-rack item in a major shop. Klein Epstein and Parker creates this experience by including the customer’s specific measurements into their Computer-Aided Design system. A digital pattern is then produced and laser-cut into the material. As a result, your tuxedo is as unique as your fingerprints.

Situation Control
#5 of 16 Leading Wedding Tuxedos & Suits

Grooms, best men, and wedding guests all want to look their best on the big day. Working with the top tuxedo shops in San Francisco can make the difference. Situation Control is the best of these. The line was founded in 2001 by Mike Irons Alzona and was initially centered on graphic-based street designs. He incorporated these styles into his fine tailored garments. It has Japanese and English inspirations, as well as smooth Neapolitan tailoring. Unlike other tuxedo shops in San Francisco, Alzona personally interacts with his customers at Situation Control. Once a customer has decided on a design, Alzona takes dozens of measurements in order to be as precise as possible. As a result, you’ll have a fitted and customized tuxedo or formal suit.

Beckett and Robb
#6 of 16 Top-Notch Men’s Wedding Apparel in SF

Beckett and Robb, a San Francisco tuxedo store, feels that dressing seasonally can make or break a look. They call it the best-kept secret, but we’re about to reveal it. In a few simple steps, the shop can assist you in finding your new seasonal clothing. Make an appointment, have a made-to-measure fitting, relax at home while the pros create your outfit from scratch, and then return for your final fitting. It’s a simple process, and you can be confident that the shop’s European-based tailors know what they’re doing. They’ll make the final product depending on your selections for lapel styles, pocket types, materials, and virtually everything else you may think of.

Couture Uomo
#7 of 16 Best Tux’suit Stores in SF

Couture Uomo is founded on the premise that some men seek more than brands that impress and clothes that look beautiful. They desire outfits that reflect their personalities. This men’s tailor specializes in creating custom suits and tuxedos for important occasions such as your forthcoming wedding. Couture Uomo assists customers in discovering their personal identity by dressed in custom made products. Uomo is committed to providing great, personalized service that extends far beyond assisting you in making a purchase. You will see that the true distinctiveness of Couture does not occur in the store. It occurs in their clients’ closets and baggage. They help you go from a collection of past purchases to a curated portfolio.

Knot Standard
#8 of 16 Leading Men’s Wedding Apparel in SF

Knot Standard creates bespoke wedding tuxedos and suits for the “uncommon” man, filling a void in traditional menswear design that has resulted in a dearth of inexpensive custom suit choices for men. The aim of the firm is to help men accept their identities and magnify elements of themselves via their clothing. This bespoke clothier’s creations are always one-of-a-kind since they are based exclusively on each client’s unique look, personality, and demands. The name derives from the concept of the company’s founders, John Ballay and Matt Mueller, who feel that a knot ideally represents the “collaborative process” required to make the greatest custom tuxedos and suits. For bespoke orders, Knot Standard selects only the best materials. Every choice is based on the client’s personal preferences as well as the planned use of the tuxedo or suit.

Seymour’s Fashions
#9 of 16 Top-Notch Tux’suit Stores in SF

Seymour’s Fashions provides custom tailoring for men in the San Francisco area. Their 40 years of experience in providing men’s wedding apparel in sf means they stand behind their work with pride. They offer competitive pricing with fine fabrics and high standards. Whether a tuxedo or a pair of slacks, all garments are 100% custom-made, cut, and sewn by hand. With an extensive collection of fabrics such as wool, silk, linen, cotton, and more, Seymour’s Fashions has options for all needs. Garments can be crafted in 4 to 6 weeks and delivered to the customer at their convenience. Alterations are available and no minimum order is required.

#10 of 16 Top Tux Shops in SF

With so many tux-suit retailers in San Francisco, it can be difficult to choose one for your wedding needs. SuitSupply is certainly among the best, especially when it comes to affordable options. The national organization’s San Francisco branch is conveniently located near Union Square. It accepts walk-in consumers and has a trio of sales reps and tailors. They also take appointments for individuals as well as larger groups. Appointments can also be made over the phone. SuitSupply’s bright area is brimming with tuxedos and fancy clothes. If those don’t pique your attention, custom-made products can be designed from the ground up. Whatever you purchase, you will receive various measurements in order to design a comfortable and fitted clothing.

S & V Collections is another great option for value tuxedos and suits in the San Francisco Bay Area. This tuxedo shop has teamed up with James Formal Wear to provide the best in the market. They have a vast range of fabric alternatives to match any theme. Whether you’re looking for prom attire or something elegant for a wedding, they have the fit and style to make you look and feel beautiful. Contact S & V Collections today to schedule a fitting .

Black Tie Tuxedos
#12 of 16 Top-Notch Men’s Wedding Apparel in SF

Though there are numerous ways to celebrate a wedding in this day and age, Black Tie Tuxedos in San Francisco helps to keep certain key traditions alive by offering a wide choice of tuxedos and suits. This haberdasher, well-known among San Francisco’s tux stores and popular for its fine collection of tuxedos, suits, shirts, vests, ties, cummerbund sets, and accessories, can make any gathering look like a professionally prepared affair. Black Tie Tuxedos carries designer names such as Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Polo, and Hugo Boss, giving late-night occasions, family traditions, and festivities an extra old Hollywood flair.

Peter Panos
#13 of 16 Best Tux’suit Stores in SF

Peter Panos has been providing wedding tuxedos & suits to the San Francisco Bay Area for almost 50 years. Founded in 1978, this tailor specializes in bespoke men’s clothing. Fittings are available by appointment only. Peter Panos received his education in the fine art of bespoke clothing from the tailors in his home country of Lebanon. He arrived in the United States in 1976 and started his business with just $2. In those early days, Mr. Panos often went door-to-door as he sought out his first clients. Today, each client of this quality bespoke tailor for wedding tuxedos & suits is given the same personal attention that has made the Panos establishment so popular.

The Black Tux
#14 of 16 Leading Men’s Wedding Apparel in SF

The Black Tux is a company that handles men’s wedding apparel in SF. With an extensive collection of extremely high-quality tuxedos available, there is certainly a tuxedo that will satisfy the wedding needs. Custom tuxedo designs are available for those who prefer a custom look and fit and are offered at a reasonable price. Tuxedos are made from 100% merino wool and use full-canvas construction leading to a fluid fit for comfort and look. Finding your fit and look online has never been easier than it is currently. Just answer basic questions into The Black Tux algorithm and find the best fitting tux ever experienced. There is never a need to worry, as staff will check every order in detail to ensure a perfect fit.

Men’s Wearhouse
#15 of 16 Top-Notch Tux’suit Stores in SF

The Men’s Wearhouse is a cost-conscious tuxedo boutique on Market and 4th Streets in San Francisco. Men’s Warehouse carries a vast selection of tuxedos for weddings and other special occasions. The shop rents as well as sells tuxedos, making it one of the greatest tuxedo boutiques in San Francisco. The consumer can begin the process of discovering the right tuxedo by selecting a style, followed by selecting the desired color from the available options. The organization provides numerous incentives for wedding parties, including a free tuxedo for the groom. There are various bargains available, including a $40 save on practically any tuxedo and suit rental package in the store.

#16 of 16 Top Tux Shops in SF

Indochino has a distinct take on tuxedos and suits. Whether you want a custom tux or a one-of-a-kind suit for your wedding, their style guidelines will assist you through the process. Choosing materials and styles, as well as adding your own flair, make this an enjoyable experience that truly expresses you. Indochino uses your specific measurements and design to create a product that will astound you in the end. Indochino then puts the finishing touches to make everything flawless. They recommend scheduling visits at least 90 days in advance to ensure that the costume is complete for the big day. With appointments available six days a week, even the most demanding schedules can be accommodated.



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