3 brides go viral for their special stories behind their wedding dress choices

When you’re a bride, it can become an extremely stressful and daunting process to find the perfect dress.

Only the bride knows when a dress is “the one,” and how choosing a dress just to get the search over with, isn’t exactly the best approach.

Three brides knew just how important finding “the one” was and went viral because of it!

Instead of finding “the one,” one bride created it.

34-year-old Jennifer McCann, who got married in September 2021, struggled to find a dress that she really loved in stores, so she decided to make her own wedding dress with the sewing machine her father taught her on when she was a little girl.

She began the process by purchasing a white corset, dyed it brown to match her skin tone. Then she added appliques, lace and other materials to make it her own. When she posted a TikTok video chronicling the entire process, it received a whopping 6 million views, at the time of publication.

Part of the allure of TikTok is the videos that go viral, especially of weddings that often go viral and receive positive responses. Videos using the hashtag “wedding dress” have received a total of 5.1 billion views and videos using the hashtag “wedding” have amassed more than 49 billion views on the platform.

One of the most popular wedding video formats on the platform involves brides sharing a wedding dress that is “unique” and that people haven’t seen before, especially as so many people share footage of their wedding on their platform.

Insider reached out and spoke to the three brides who went viral on TikTok because of the praise by people all over the world for their self-expression and creativity they’ve received for their wedding dresses being different and special.

The three women gave some insight into how going viral for their wedding dress made their special day, even more special. In one case, it even salvaged the memory of the wedding for a bride that had a sour experience.

Back to McCann, she uploaded her TikTok video chronicling the process of making her own dress on September 9, 2021, telling Insider she wanted to encourage anyone looking for dress inspiration on TikTok, giving them a “boost of confidence” to make theirs as well.

McCann said she thinks it got so many views because “It’s so rare to see someone who takes on such a massive task such as making their own wedding dress.”

The unique part about her journey was the fact that the video showed the “whole process and the missteps,” where McCann accidentally turned her corset green instead of brown, which she thought people were more interested in watching on TikTok. “Everyone loves a ‘trust the process’ moment.”

But an unpredictable turn of events saw McCann fall into a deep depression after having an argument with her maid of honor.

“I couldn’t even look at wedding footage without feeling really down and sad about the whole event. I was also very critical of my dress. I could just see all the mistakes and things that I could have tweaked,” she told Insider.

However, when her video went viral and she received so much positive feedback, McCann was able “able to reclaim the narrative and see the wedding in a more positive light.”

“It helped bring me out of a dark place and I’m extremely grateful for that,” she added.

Another bride, 26-year-old Mayura KulKarni Tripathi, who is based in Detroit, posted a wedding outfit video that went viral where hers showcased the six different outfits she wore to her Hindu-Indian wedding.

What made her video so special was the fact that each of the first five dresses was for a different Hindu ceremony that made up the week-long wedding, and the sixth dress was a more modern style lehenga, which is a skirt outfit worn in South Asian celebrations for the reception, Insider reported.

Tripathi told Insider she thinks her TikTok, which has 1.3 million views, received a lot of attention from American viewers who “have not been to a Hindu-Indian wedding.”

“Seeing the various outfits and ceremonies was definitely something different,” [for viewers] she said. The interesting thing about her video was that many commentators on the video were impressed by how beautiful her Indian wedding looked.

“As a bride, we spend so many days and hours picking the perfect outfit. It was exciting to see many people love the styles I picked, and I also loved that I could showcase my background to so many people,” she added.

The last bride, Isabella Rapp from Palm Beach, Florida, who typically posts lifestyle and beauty tips on TikTok, received 2.1 million views on the platform where she displayed herself wearing the same wedding dress her mother married in 31 years ago.

Rapp told Insider, “My mom preserved it hoping one day her daughter might wear it. When I got engaged, we opened the box to have a fun try-on session and I immediately knew it was the one.”

Additionally, what made Rapp’s dress so special was the fact that she kept all the original details on the dress, including pearls and lace that were imported from France, but added a sleeker neckline and lining to give it a more modern touch.

TikTok users were stunned by the “timeless” and the fact that it was also worn by her mother.

Rapp highlighted that while today’s wedding dress market is all about “labels and designers,” it is so “rare it was to see a bride wearing their mom’s dress,” and decided to showcase the heirloom of an outfit to her 14,000 TikTok followers.

“As a creator, it’s always a dream for your content to go viral, but especially so when it’s something so special to you, like your wedding day! Social media can be filled with so many options and I think I was just so happy to see so much positivity and love for the dress.”

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