94-Year-Old Woman Never Had a Wedding Dress but Now Her Dream Comes True

As a Black woman who was not allowed to buy a traditional wedding dress when she walked down the aisle in 1951, 94-year-old Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker always dreamed of wearing a white gown.

All Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker wanted to do was wear a traditional white gown. After telling one of her granddaughters about this desire, her family made sure that her wish came true. 

A recent Facebook post shared by Martha’s grandaughter Erica Tucker showed the woman looking regal while dressed in a gorgeous bridal gown. The post included many photos and videos. 

94-year-old Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker wearing a wedding dress. | Source: facebook.com/erica.tucker.5

Erica wrote in the post, explaining how Martha told her cousin about her wish to experience a traditional wedding. She enthusiastically expressed: 

“Well, my cousin made it happen! It was absolutely beautiful! She was a beautiful ‘bride’!”

She encouraged everyone who saw her post to do the same and create memorable moments with their loved ones. Martha’s grandaughter stated how happy she was to be there. 

In one of the clips, the grandmother glowed while wearing a floral-patterned dress with a plunging neckline and a giant glittering crown with a veil. The individual holding the camera exclaimed that Martha looked gorgeous. 

Those following and commenting couldn’t agree more, with many of them remarking on how stunning the 94-year-old looked. The post has so far received 17,000 reactions. 

Martha married her soulmate Lehman Tucker in 1952. At that time, she could not wed in the dress of her choice because Black women were barred from entering bridal shops. 

In 1975, her husband passed away. The grandmother expressed that although she has no plans or yearnings to walk down the aisle again, she still always hoped to wear a traditional wedding gown. 

In a similar story, a grandmother and granddaughter chose to wear the same dress at a family wedding. Taking to Twitter, 19-year-old Jen Miller posted a picture of both of them wearing the same dress, which read: 

“My gram decided to buy the same dress so we can match at my cousin’s wedding.. sad part is she [probably] wears it better!!”

Miller and her 70-year-old grandma Susan Grey are now attempting to get Miller’s mother to also don the same attire. The two stated that the bride-to-be is excited to see them in all their matching glory.

My gram decided to buy the same dress so we can match at my cousins wedding.. sad part is she prob wears it better!! pic.twitter.com/3bOjeWk6vD

— Jenn Miller (@Jenn123097) July 18, 2017

Unafraid to wear dresses that society dictates are only meant for the youth, Martha and Grey are not the only senior citizens breaking stereotypes. This past June, an elderly couple went viral for playing beer pong.

TikTok star Ross Smith shared a clip on Instagram of his grandparents defeating him and his friends at the game. It seems that age doesn’t dictate how much fun one can have and how good one can look in a dress.