Animal Crossing’s Midsommar Wedding Recreation Is Devilishly Terrifying

A frightful scene from the horror film Midsommar has been recreated in the photoshoot mode from Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Wedding Season.

Usually, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very kid-friendly title, but thanks to one fan, the hit horror movie Midsommar has been recreated in-game. This recreation is remarkably frightening, using the wedding photoshoot mode in the game to recreate a scene from the film.

Midsommar was a folk horror film from 2019, written and directed by Ari Aster, who was also behind the equally terrifying Hereditary in 2018. The film starred Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor and William Harper from NBC’s The Good Place. The story followed a group of friends journeying to Sweden for a festival that takes place only every 90 years, only to find that not everything is as it seems. Very quickly, the group starts finding that the quaint village they’ve found themselves in is not so sweet. Many of the group find themselves in dangerous and gruesome circumstances, involving some form of Swedish or Scandinavian folklore. The imagery in this film became synonymous with certain motifs, such as bears, triangles and meadows filled with flowers.

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When the film came out, it received positive reviews from audiences and critics. Now, just two years later, its influence has reached the shores of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The fiery image was posted to the Animal Crossing subreddit on Reddit by user PlahausBamBam, who commented that they were sick of the two characters in the Wedding Season event. This is an event in the game that allows players to do a special wedding-themed photoshoot with New Leaf alpaca power couple Reese and Cyrus. Instead of decorating the room with cute floral motifs or a romantic scene, the player has instead recreated one of the final scenes from Midsommar to the best of their ability with the items at their disposal.

Usually, players will receive Heart Crystals for completing these wedding shoots. These Heart Crystals can be traded in for Wedding themed furniture and items, which can only be obtained through this event. The Wedding Season event runs for the entire month of June, so players are able to visit once a day to earn these limited time items.

Players can still earn plenty of Heart Crystals in this event while it lasts. This is the last event until August, when the Fireworks Shows will start up again, so players should make sure to participate in some way, as it won’t be returning until next year. By then, players will most likely have come up with even more creative ways to recreate their favorite scenes in this mode.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available only on Nintendo Switch.

Source: PlahausBamBam/Reddit

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