At This Copenhagen Wedding, the Bride Rewrote the Rules in a Look That Was Pretty and Punk

Karl Oskar Olsen and Annika Zobel Agerled on their wedding day, August 28, 2021.

Photo: Courtesy of Simon B. Mørch

The guest list for Annika Zobel Agerled and Karl Oskar Olsen’s late-summer wedding reads something like a who’s who of Copenhagen’s creative scene, which makes sense, as the bride and groom are at the heart of it. Annika is the fashion director at Costume magazine; Karl, a graduate of the Royal Danish Design Academy, is the cofounder of both Wood Wood (a hip streetwear label and retail concept) and Pas Normal Studios (a brand dedicated to technical cycling gear) as well as the proprietor of the trendy organic eatery Corsa Pizza.

Fashion figures large in Annika and Karl’s life—and their love story. Ten years ago the pair worked together at Wood Wood. Two years into her tenure, explains Annika, “we became best friends and fell in love.” Their first kiss was at the Roskilde Festival. “Karl proposed, and I said no,” Annika remembers. “Same date and festival, but four years later, he tried again, and I said yes.”

Baby carriage preceded marriage in Annika and Karl’s case. They are proud parents of son Alban, who was an adorable part of the wedding party, as were Karl’s children from a previous relationship.

“I was actually very nervous. I felt very lucky and afraid at the same time,” says Annika—but her nerves didn’t show a bit. It was the bride’s love light, and her head-turning, rule-breaking style, that registered. “Somehow I knew what to wear,” says the fashion director, “something dramatic, old school, romantic, Art Deco, and punk at the same time. I knew I had to ask Sabine Poupinel to make the dress. Sabine is the most iconic tailor in Copenhagen. She understood, and we found the perfect Parisienne lace with pearls. We decided to add black buttons and a handmade cotton romper. The black details made the look very rare and added a bit of ’20s vibes. My long earrings with pearl drops are by Sophie Bille Brahe, and Orit Elhanati made our wedding rings.”

Frederikke Rubow, who Annika dubs “an absolute star,” helped the pair plan a truly personal wedding. The bride chose her grandmother’s favorite flower for her bouquet; the church was the same one Alban was baptized in; the party—a rager—was held in a tent at the couple’s lovely home. Their friends showed up in equally original ensembles, ready to celebrate.