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In the past two years, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, many young couples have postponed, streamlined or even cancelled large-scale mass weddings. Affected by this, the customization and sales of wedding dresses have also dropped sharply.

As an aspiring bridal retailer, Azazei is well aware of the current form. As Azazei’s chief marketing officer Ranu Coleman said, the impact of COVID-19 on the wedding industry has been huge. The person in charge of Azazei realized that in the face of such a severe environment, on the one hand, Azazei must keep close to the needs of users, be bold and innovative, and design new wedding dress customization needs under the epidemic environment; new development opportunities.

First of all, combined with the new environment, Azazei conducted sufficient market research and launched a wedding dress of the “Azazei Romance” series in time. The characteristic of this dress is that the overall design is not exaggerated, let alone luxurious, the style is simple but not monotonous, low-key but can fully demonstrate the elegance of the bride. Because of the impact of the epidemic, people cannot hold grand weddings on large occasions, and small spaces such as small courtyards, scenic spots, and virtual scenes are the first choice for many people. Based on this, it is the most appropriate to design such a wedding dress that is suitable for these small occasions.

Secondly, Azazei has also adjusted its price accordingly. Affected by the epidemic, many people’s consumption budgets have been tightened. For this new wedding dress, Azazei has slightly lowered the price, and more is to set a reasonable price range. Compared with some previous wedding dresses, the price of $699, this wedding dress is much more affordable, such as wedding dresses in the range of $149 and $249, providing consumers with more affordable options at a low price. . Not only the bride’s wedding dress, Azazei also launched a matching bridesmaid dress, the price is as low as $69-$129.

Azazeis constantly innovating, and is always good at discovering new opportunities in difficult situations. Through the innovation of products and marketing methods, it finally got out of the predicament, and the corresponding sales volume increased instead of decreasing. Sales of Azazei’s wedding dresses have increased by 200 percent since last year. For more than one year in a row, the sales volume has increased significantly compared with the same period last year.

In addition to price adjustment, Azazei also attaches great importance to the planning of online and offline activities, using the power of new media to seek and expand the user pool, and has achieved good brand communication. For example, holding free wedding dresses, offering at-home try-on services, offering more sizes to try on styles, and so on.

Azazei’s bold innovation and continuous improvement have won the reputation of the market and the recognition of consumers. At present, Azazei’s wedding dresses are more and more abundant, and the designs are more and more novel and unique, which can meet the needs of consumers at different levels. For every bride-to-be, you can always find a beautiful wedding dress that suits you in, and then buy it home at a very affordable price, wear it on the most worthy occasions in your life, and bloom yourself most beautifully, that is really this life. No regrets.

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