Eight J’can designers to make your alluring wedding dress, dapper suit

This edition of #WeddingWeek brings destination travel into focus. And, what better destinations than the isle of the tropics would Loop News highlight?

We reckon, there’s nary a couple, so engrossed with planning a wedding that they forget their outfits – if that couple is Jamaican, the theme of the wedding and the outfit top the list.

While shopping around, patriots (or those so inclined) are likely to opt for local designers. With a market of fashion designers so expanse, look no further than our trained, Jamaican sartorialists.

Styling the Groom

From Bill Edwards to Mark Anthony Designs in the laidback tropical arena, and from Carlton Brown to Dexter Huxtable for tailored, bespoke attire, these top menswear designers may not be able to guarantee your happy ever after, but will ensure you look spiffy saying ‘I do’.

Bill Edwards

Mark Anthony Designs

Carlton Brown

Spokes Apparel by Dexter Huxtable

Styling the Bride

Expectations are often high for the dress the brides finally selects for her wedding. But, when it boils down to bridal wear, the dress is expected to stand the test of time, be perfect in the bride’s eyes, make her feel special the first time she tries it on, and above all, be something exceptional. So, in our quest to find the best and chicest wedding dress designers locally, we present: Rednarim by Donald Mirander; Kadian Nicely Exclusive; drennaLUNA Bridal; and Cochen Bridal.


Kadian Nicely

drennaLUNA Bridal

Cochen Bridal

Naturally, there are several other designers who could’ve been shortlisted, so if you or your favourite designer didn’t make the cut, please comment or e-mail kadeem@trend.media those designers that top your list.