Bride slammed for ‘skimpy’ bridesmaids dresses with same chest support ‘as napkin’

The bride has been accused by guests of neglecting her wedding duties after choosing a dress for plus-size bridesmaids that offered zero support thanks to its racy design

The tie-up dress caused a lot of drama(Reddit)

A bride has been slammed for choosing ‘skimpy’ bridesmaids dresses for her plus-size bridesmaids – as they have zero support for their large chests, making them feel uncomfortable.

One woman attending the wedding described the controversial dress as ‘nearly transparent’, with chiffon tie-top detailing that left some bridesmaids feeling rather exposed.

She adds that the bride herself and half of the bridal party are plus-sized so was shocked at the choice which would have been ‘nothing more than a napkin over their boobs’.

Taking to Reddit to explain the situation, the acquaintance of the bride shared what the dress would look like and said the bride has had her ‘aesthetic over function’ blinders on for much of the planning.

Some of the bridal party were left angry by the choice (stock photo)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

In the post, she said: “Bride and half of her wedding party are plus-sized with large chests. The bride’s original choice of dresses for them had a nearly transparent chiffon tie-top with no support. They may as well have been wearing napkins over their boobs.

“Meanwhile the bride had her chest completely covered with thick straps for support. I mention she was plus-size too because she should know the struggle and likely took it into consideration when buying her own dress.”

She adds that two of her friends are in this bride’s wedding party and stated they were dumbfounded by the dress choice.

The two friends were dumbfounded by the dress choice (stock photo)(Reddit)