Brides devastated after dream wedding venue undergoes ‘tacky’ transformation

BRIDES have been left devastated after a Scottish wedding venue underwent a ‘tacky’ transformation – but others have said they love the new ‘stunning’ look.

Brig o’ Doon House Hotel, in Ayrshire, began renovations to their Grand Ballroom last year and staff gave “visuals” of the completed look to couples who booked with them for their big day.

Brig o’ Doon House Hotel showed off their renovations with followers on FacebookCredit: FACEBOOK
But not everyone was happy with the changesCredit: FACEBOOK
Many complained that it wasn’t what was promised in the ‘visuals’Credit: FACEBOOK

The popular hotel invited their upcoming wedding couples to come to see the space after they completed the initial part of their renovations at a ‘First Look’ event on Monday.

Although they still have finishing touches to add, they showed the ballroom’s new interior as well as the additions they made to their new patio area.

But some brides were devastated by the new look which was “nothing like the visuals”.

Many have hit out at the venue and threatened to cancel their booking after claiming that the end result is nothing like what they were shown and promised when they booked.

One bride claimed that she booked the Brig o’ Doon House Hotel after she was given a visual which showed the ballroom with a stunning neutral theme and light and dark stairs.

It also showed the room with white walls and tables with slighter darker furnishings and beams on the ceiling.

Warm white lights hung delicately on the walls with six subtle chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

But the images shared by the hotel on their Facebook page showed the room with dark patterned walls with a contrasting pattern floor in a grey theme instead of a neutral one.

The ceiling featured both light and dark mirrored glass in long strips across the length of the room with three dark ship-wheel styles chandeliers instead.

The lights on the wall are dark, but still came with a warm white light. But spotlights on the floor gave the walls near the stairs a pink glow.

Devastated brides flocked to the comments of hotel’s Facebook post, which showed off the renovation progress, with many sharing their unhappiness of the new décor.

One person said: “What a waste of a beautiful venue, absolutely tasteless and tacky. There will be a few heartbroken brides.”

Another added: “My wedding is in 4 weeks. I am very disappointed in this refurbishment. This is not what the RAD group promised us in the rendered images.

“Can’t believe my fiancé and I are having to come to terms with the fact that we will probably need to get married in a room that we utterly dislike. Very sad.”

Someone else wrote: “4 weeks to go and see this monstrosity! I’d rather get married in a shed as the saying goes this is awful”.

A fourth posted: “Our wedding is in 4 weeks, booked back in 2021 with previous owners. Really gutted with the updates. If our wedding was a year away I’d seriously consider moving, not much we can do with 4 weeks left. Absolutely nothing like the visuals provided.”

And fifth chimed in: “This is not like your proposed images at all! The images show a fresh, neutral backdrop to this iconic ballroom. What you’ve done is clashed several patterns and colour and totally taken away it’s original charm.

“Did you consider the brides and grooms who’ve already booked this as their venue before making these changes? Big mistake.”

While a disgruntled bride wrote: “have booked for August and extremely disappointed with the decor. Pink uplights – hideous and don’t match a thing. Curtains, awful. Chairs, cheap looking. Worst part is the wallpaper. Absolutely hideous and clashes terribly with the carpets… Extremely disappointing.”

A different customer commented: “We get married in July and are absolutely devastated with the new look, it is absolutely nothing like the proposed pictures and is far too busy!!! The curtains, the wallpaper and the carpet are a massive clash. I just can’t imagine our pictures on the staircase now.”

While another said: “absolutely devastated this will be how it looks for our wedding”.

But not everyone was upset by the designs with others commenting on the post to praise the team for the renovated room.

A user wrote: “Brilliant. Looking forward to the long overdue refurbishment.”

Someone else added: “Personally, I think it has brightened up what was a dull dingy room before. Well done to the Kyle family for bringing into the 21st century!”

A third posted: “Stunning venue and grounds can’t wait for my Daughter Wedding here in May”.

While a fourth said: “Love it can’t wait to see it. I get it’s not the picture but still beautiful.”

And another chimed in: “Stunning venue and grounds can’t wait for my daughter’s wedding here in May”.

The owners of the Brig o’ Doon House Hotel told the Scottish Sun that the renovations are currently “around half way complete” and they appreciate the feedback from cutomers.

They said: “Although work within the Grand Ballroom at Brig o’ Doon is not yet complete, we consider public feedback to be important at this stage and we appreciate the vested interest the community has in the property’s success.

“We have been in contact with all of our upcoming Wedding Couples and would like to thank those who made it down to our recent ‘First Look’ Event on Monday 27th February.

“We are delighted with the positive feedback from those who attended and got the chance to see the current progress we have made in the Grand Ballroom.

“At present the renovations are around half way complete and the team will now be working further on feature lighting and various other finishing touches within the space.

“When this work is finalised we look forward to inviting all of our Wedding Couples along again to explore the finished look before revealing further images to the public.”

But others loved the new lookCredit: FACEBOOK

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