4 Decor tips for having a heart melting wedding at home

Now that we’re at the ‘Unlock’ phase, we’re seeing a lot of couples plan a mini wedding while prioritising everyone’s health and safety. Though venues are slowly becoming available, if you’ve already decided to organise an intimate wedding at home, we’re sure you’re wondering ‘how to decorate’ it! You can now get married at home, just like in Bollywood films, when everything is lovely and pleasant. 

So, here we bring you 4 home décor tips that can help you bring the vibe of destination wedding at home.

1. Welcome guests with fresh flowers

If decorating your home entrance appears to be a difficult chore, or if you do not want to risk having decorators into your home, pick some fresh flowers and have some little bouquets made to greet your guests with. You can also put them in vases and keep some loose flowers in two corners on a platter to rain on the lovers!

2. Explore with low-cost fabrics

We’re sure you have some excess fabric or perhaps dupattas at home that you won’t be able to use. Grab them all and experiment with textiles that will save you a lot of money and look great in an Indian wedding ceremony such as a sangeet, mehndi, or wedding day. 


3. In your backyard, host a lavish dinner for your friends and family

If you have a small backyard or a patio at home, use it to your advantage to make your house wedding a magnificent affair. You can set up some wooden tables and seats for your guests to enjoy the wonderful wedding feast. To decorate the garden, lay down an artificial grass mat and some wooden frames with creepers and flowers. To create a cosy atmosphere in the space, use fairy lights, decorative hanging lanterns, and table lamps.


4. Make a photo wall

Another way to spice things up on your home wedding decor is to create a self-curated photo wall of all the sweet memories you and your partner have made to date. You can add wacky photo-op things and create an insta-worthy section for everyone to spread the word about your amazing wedding.

To make your house look a shaadi vala ghar, these decor inspirations will surely adorn your wedding house. 

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