Bridesmaid Accused of Trying to ‘Upstage’ Bride After Altering Dress in Viral Videos

A bridesmaid has turned heads online after making several alterations to her bridesmaid dress in a now-viral pair of videos.

Many viewers felt that the alterations were too drastic, and accused the bridesmaid of trying to “upstage” the bride. However, some experts argued that bridesmaids should be allowed to wear dresses that make them feel comfortable.

“Watch me try to make my bridesmaid dress less ugly before the wedding this weekend,” read the text overlay in Brittney Rae’s viral TikTok, which has been viewed more than 1.9 million times.

The dress in question is a velvet, floor-length wrap dress with long sleeves.

“I paid $300 for this frumpy robe,” the text continued.

Before altering the dress, Rae showed viewers her final design, which required her to not only adjust the dress’s length but also change the design of the bodice, as well as shorten the sleeves.

“If I mess up I have nothing to wear and the bride will KILL ME,” she explained.

Rae then told viewers who wish to see the final product to like the video.

Three days and 90,000 likes later, she posted a follow-up video, which has received 1.3 million views.

The second video begins with a brief recap, before showing viewers new clips of Rae working on the dress.

“I had to completely deconstruct it first,” Rae said in the text overlay. “I was a little stressed.”

But her hard work paid off. In the final frame of the video, Rae models the newly altered dress, which perfectly matches her design.

Unfortunately, many commenters were critical of Rae.

“I am going to say this…Her wedding is not about you,” exclaimed one commenter.

“Imagine thinking you’re the main character at someone’s wedding,” said another.

“[D]on’t try to upstage,” added another. “We can all tell what you’re doing.”

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, however, Rae wasn’t necessarily breaking any rules of etiquette by changing the design of her dress.

“It’s time for bridesmaids to stop dreading what they’ll have to wear on the wedding day—seriously,” stated an article on Martha Stewart’s website.

“Despite what Aunt Suzy insists, your pals don’t have to sport all one cut or color,” the article continued. “Let each bridesmaid exude her own personal style: After all, you hand-picked each and every girl for a reason!”

The article also encouraged brides to allow their bridesmaids to wear different prints, textures, etc.

In the comments section of a separate video, Rae confirmed that the bridesmaids were allowed to choose their own dresses; they were only required to stick with a certain color.

“Is everyone wearing the same green dress or did you all get to choose a dress,” asked Syd.

“We were just given a color,” Rae replied.

A bridesmaid has turned heads online after making several alterations to her bridesmaid dress in a now-viral pair of videos. Some commenters accused the bridesmaid of trying to “upstage” the bride.
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