Couple grants dream wedding after brain cancer diagnosis

Michelle Narducci Aubry was racing the calendar and needed to find a wedding dress quickly.

Finding her fiance was a longer process.

She met Andrew George Pierre Aubry a little over three years ago, but they knew they were the ones for each other.

He proposed in 2020 and scheduled the big day for October 2023.

However, an emergency room visit in February changed everything.

“One day I had woken up. I had probably the worst headache of my life. Migraine behind my eye pulsating. And I went outside to get some air, and I started projectile vomiting,” Pierre Aubry said. “They put me in a CAT scan, and doctors sat down and he’s like, you have a mass the size of a clementine in your brain.”

Doctors told Pierre Aubry the tumor he had was stage four cancer — with a prognosis that treatment would be tough.

“Its incurable, but the quality of life is what they’re trying to give him,” Narducci Aubry said. “We live minute to minute. Moment to moment.”

After the diagnosis, the couple moved up their wedding date with a small ceremony in their apartment in ____(month).

Plans for a reception were pushed up with Narducci Aubry scrambling to find vendors.

But things changed as Pierre Aubry endured surgeries to reduce the size of the tumor.  

“It’s hard to because his cognitive impairment is being played with a little bit. He’s very forgetful,” Narducci Aubry said.

She found the dress and the vendors with help from some new friends at Wish Upon a Wedding.

The ceremony was held in Snug Harbor on Aug. 14. 

“Just treat every day like it’s your last. Tell everyone around you that you love them and don’t ever leave anybody wondering,” Narducci Aubry said.