Couple’s wedding delayed days before due to canceled flights in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – A Middle Tennessee woman and her fiancé had to change their planned and paid for New Year’s Eve wedding just four days before the big day. This came after a series of canceled flighted over the holiday weekend.

Lots of people have had to make new plans as hundreds of flights were canceled nationwide, but for Brittney Peugh and her fiancé Raymond Benson, new plans meant delaying their new life together and it all started with their first canceled flight to Nashville from Portland on Christmas Eve.

It was three canceled flights out of Portland. Two Southwest flights and one Alaska airline flight.

“We had our first flight cancellation on Christmas Eve. So we were at the airport for 10 hours. They even boarded us and ended up taking us off and finally released our luggage,” said Brittney Peugh. “Our next flight cancelation was on the 26th and our last flight cancellation was yesterday.”

WSMV 4 caught up with Brittney and her fiancé through FaceTime as they hoped the fourth time would be the charm.

“Today we’re driving to Seattle airport to see if we can get a direct flight home to Nashville,” Peugh said.

The couple said they’ve been together for a year, dating long distance.

This holiday Raymond flew from Australia to Portland to meet his bride-to-be before the planned nuptials on New Years Eve. They spent time with family while in Portland.

WSMV asked Brittney what went through her mind as each flight got canceled.

“The first flight was okay we’re not going to to get to do; we’re not going to get our nails done. We’re not going to get spray tans. We’re not going to get facials right,” said Peugh. “The second was, I might have to call mom and dad and see if they can pack my wedding dress and pack all of our stuff for the wedding. And The third one was we’re not getting married this year,” she added laughing.

The whole ordeal came with a pretty hefty financial cost.

Starting with the wedding cost.

“We had to cancel our florals. We had rented a place to do karaoke after the wedding. We had a bus to take everybody to that we had to cancel that,” Brittney said. “The unfortunate thing is it disrupts their business right. They can’t rebook that this close so we’re not getting deposits back. We’re not getting back the money we spent, she added.

I’m addition to that there was the cost of flights; rebooking and getting new tickets.

“Like $3000 for the flights canceled yesterday and $1000 for the first,” said Peugh

But the bride was in good spirits. The couple was just glad to be together and with their luggage.

As for the new wedding date, Brittney said she was thinking maybe the day of a planned goodbye party on Jan. 7.

“So we’re thinking can we pull it off? But we have nothing. We have no cake, no florals no venue. All we have is a dress and he has a tux. We might try to; maybe do it in someone’s backyard,” said Peugh.

Peugh is hoping they can make some type of wedding celebration happen on Jan. 7 because The couple’ is scheduled to move to Australia on Jan. 8.

The last update for Peugh came on Wednesday at about 6 p.m. was the couple had made it to the Seattle airport and was confirmed on an Alaska Airline flight to Nashville.