Dachshund Steals the Show as Ring Bearer at Wedding in Adorable Viral Video

A suitably attired and super cute Dachshund by the name of Tofu has been turning heads on social media after putting in an impressive display as his owner’s ring bearer at her recent wedding.

The wedding of Australian tennis stars Daria Gavrilova and Luke Saville this past Saturday was a major event back in their homeland. The pair tied the knot having started dating at the age of 15.

Their big day proved a memorable occasion for all involved with Saville and Gavrilova celebrating their marriage with a first dance choreographed to the Coldplay song “My Universe.”

But while the happy couple have hogged the celebrity news headlines back in Australia, over on TikTok, it’s Gavrilova’s adorable Dachshund who has been bagging the plaudits.

In a video uploaded to Gavrilova’s account, fans were given a glimpse of Tofu in action as the wedding ring bearer.

Though it may unconventional, the concept of a dog ring bearer is an increasingly common idea among soon-to-be-married couples with an appreciation for canines.

“Your dog is a member of the family and dog lovers around the world understand this,” wedding planner Heidi Brissette told Brides.com. “It is incredibly meaningful to know that you were able to take pictures and capture such a momentous day alongside your fur baby.”

Gavrilova’s love for her dog Tofu is already well documented on TikTok with the tennis star describing her account as “95% Tofu, 3% tennis, 2% idk.”

It’s just as well she appears happy to share the limelight with her beloved Wiener dog too, given the reaction his efforts on the day have received. At the time of writing, the video has been viewed more than 6 million times. The clip can be viewed here.

It’s not difficult to see why dog fans have flocked to the footage either, which centers on Tofu, dressed in a special dog suit, making his way down the aisle to his beloved owners.

The watching wedding guests are in rapture, with all eyes on Tofu as he jauntily trots down, carrying the wedding rings in his collar. Plenty of “awws” are audible on the video while the audience is a sea of phone cameras, with guests evidently eager to get a snap of the adorable dog in action.

Arguably the best moment is saved for last, as Tofu approaches the front where he begins looking around for Gavrilova. Initially unsure of the people surrounding him, Tofu’s mood soon changes from one of uncertainty to joy when he spots his beloved owner. His quickly wagging tail says it all.

A wonderful video, regardless of the soon-to-be-wed couples’ celebrity status, the clip was greeted with a flood of comments from dog lovers on TikTok.

“What a distinguished gentleman,” Selifa Fernandes wrote. Enoughemmy, meanwhile, loved “the little tail wag” Tofu gave when he recognized Gavrilova. KBostick said it was almost like he was telling her “mom, I did good.”

Mgianna2 was inspired, writing: “I wanna do this when I get married” while Kiarnah Jane branded Tofu as simple “adorable.”

“He stole the wedding from the bride and groom,” anaruiz49966 added. “The cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Writing alongside the post, Gavrilova thanked Tofu for his efforts saying he did “the best job as ring bearer.”

Newsweek has contacted Gavrilova for comment.

This isn’t the first time a dog has gone viral after they got involved in a wedding, of course. One dog ended up being the talk of Instagram after their owner, the bride-to-be, posed for a series of first-look photos with their canine friend.

Stock image of a brown mini Dachshund – a wiener dog by the name of Tofu found a way to overshadow his owner on her special day.
James Player/Getty