Dear Abby: Should bride’s family pay for groom’s family’s accommodations?


My daughter is being married in a month. Her fiance is Canadian. We have reserved a block of rooms for guests who are coming from afar. I understand the importance of the groom’s mom being here for the ceremony, so when I was told she couldn’t afford the hotel, I offered to pay for her room for the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday so she could be here.

My daughter now says his mother is asking for Sunday night, too. I replied that she could reserve it and pay for it herself or request a late checkout on Sunday. I don’t have room for her to stay in my home, and I think I am generous to be paying for her hotel stay in the first place, let alone three nights. Is the bride’s family obligated to pay for this? — ASKING FOR TOO MUCH


Are you obligated? Certainly not. It is presumptuous for the groom’s mother to expect that you would. If she’s unable to pay for the extended accommodations, her son should step up to the plate.

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