Disneyland Paris worker ruins wedding proposal, gets booed

This file photo taken on August 6, 2015 shows visitors walking down the Main Street of Disneyland Paris.


The video is excruciating to watch: At Disneyland Paris, a couple gets on a dais with the newly-restored Sleeping Beauty’s Castle overlooking the occasion.

The man, dressed in all white, gets down on one knee holding a ring out to his partner with applause heard in the background. Just seconds later, an overly eager Disneyland employee bolts onto the platformed stage and snags the ring from the man while he’s still kneeling. He then extends his arms out, gesturing the couple to get off the stage. Another worker, seen slightly off-frame, beckons for the couple to step off. 

“She said yes,” the man says. The worker replies, “Yes, that’s great — over here will be even better.” A cascade of jeers can be heard in the closing seconds of the video.

The awkward scene was first posted on Reddit, with the user alleging that the man “asked for permission” before doing the marriage proposal at the park. (Responses online were almost uniformly critical of the Disney worker.)

“We regret how this was handled,” a Disney spokesperson told Newsweek. “We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.” 

Proposals at Disneyland or any other Disney park are common and frequent — enough so that Disneyland has a page dedicated to the question. 

“While you are not required to contact Disney in order to propose, you may want to if you’d like to plan something more elaborate,” reads the guide on an official Disney website.

The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim even lets guests alert a PhotoPass cast member to snap a picture of an engagement.

A representative for Disney’s France offices did not immediately respond to a request for comment from SFGATE.