Don’t ask us why this waifu graphics card is scented because we aren’t sure either

What makes for good Cyber Monday GPU deals? Big savings on older models? Reasonable prices on hard-to-find newer graphics cards? Finding literally anything in stock somewhere that isn’t a dark alleyway? Wrong answer. 

Two words: fragrant anime. Now that’s a deal. 

At least, it is according to Yeston, which has a “fragrant” waifu-emblazoned Radeon RX6800XT on sale for just $1,549.00 at Newegg after a $20 Cyber Monday discount, which is actually a pretty decent price drop in the cutthroat GPU market, even if it is only like 1.3 percent. The GPU itself is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s got 16GB of GDDR6 VRAM, a heck of a lot of shaders and cores, and a three-fan cooling array. It’s a GPU; it processes graphics. We’re not here to talk about that; we’re here to marvel at the wrapping of this particular graphics card. 

With a blue and purple gradient, the fan side is pretty unassuming, if strikingly colorful compared to traditional GPU designs. It’s the backplate, dominated by a seemingly original character wearing what looks like a wedding dress, that really raises an eyebrow. It also raises several questions. Question one: why a wedding dress? Question two: why? 

We’re no stranger to anime-themed PCs or components, but enthusiasts who set out to build the ultimate waifu-themed rig usually have a specific character or series in mind, which makes this card somewhat difficult to place. Perhaps that’s why it was given another unique selling point: an unspecified fragrance which we choose to believe is based on the sakura flowers pictured in the art rather than, say, Eau de Anime Girl. Some reviews report an overpowering floral fragrance while other buyers found the scent disappointingly minimal, so your mileage may vary. One thing’s for sure: this is one of the most bizarre Cyber Monday gaming deals we’ve seen so far. 

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