Edge Ruins Miz and Maryse’s Wedding Ceremony With Broody Black Tar Bath

Edge ruined The Miz and Maryse’s big wedding ceremony with a Broody black tar bath to close out the latest edition of WWE Monday Night Raw! As WWE sets the stage for what’s to come at the new Day 1 pay-per-view event on January 1st in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the bigger stories has been The Miz vs. Edge. The R Rated Superstar has been on quite the journey since his return to WWE Television, and now he’s crossed paths with the also returning Miz and Maryse following his injury and time on Dancing With the Stars. 

The past few weeks leading into their match at Day 1 have seen The Miz and Edge trade barbs with one another, and things have gotten pretty heated between the two sides. Much of the new bad blood between them has started involving Maryse, and that led to Miz and Maryse readying for a new vow renewal ceremony. Taking place as the final segment of WWE Raw on the Monday, December 27th edition of the series, it wasn’t long before Miz and Maryse were drenching in a black Brood bath. Check it out below: 

First comes love, then comes marriage…

THEN COMES A BROOD BATH COURTESY OF @EdgeRatedR!!! #WWERaw pic.twitter.com/Tuzrm7Nvuu

— WWE (@WWE) December 28, 2021

With Eric Bishoff hired as the officiant for the vow renewal ceremony, teasing started laying on thick about how it was likely that something was going to come along and ruin the moment for Miz and Maryse. The majority of the ceremony went on as planned as the two of them recited their vows with a blend of genuine emotion and taunting Edge about the upcoming match at Day 1, Edge soon appeared in front of the duo. Coming out like usual, Edge was respectful at first but then decided to get one more in on his new opponent. 

Playing it off like nothing was going to happen, it soon became clear that he summoned up a Brood bath and drenched both Miz and Maryse as Raw came to an end. Now it’s just a matter of seeing how their match plays out at Day 1, and the  current card for WWE Day 1 so far breaks down as such: 

  • WWE Championship Fatal 4-Way: Big E (c) vs. Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley
  • WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Brock Lesnar
  • WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Usos (c) vs. The New Day
  • WWE Women’s Raw Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Liv Morgan
  • WWE Raw Tag Team Championships: RK-Bro vs. The Street Profits
  • Edge vs. The Miz

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