Exclusive – Shalin Bhanot on ex wife Dalljiet’s wedding: I pray to God her new life is filled with love, care and happiness

Vijaya Tiwari | ETimes.in | Last updated on – Mar 17, 2023, 21:19 IST

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Exclusive – Shalin Bhanot on ex wife Dalljiet’s wedding, staying connected with son Jaydon & new show Bekaaboo

Shalin Bhanot is all set to make a smashing re-entry in the fiction space with his new show, Bekaaboo. The actor, who is basking in the success of Bigg Boss 16, recently spoke to ETimes TV exclusively about how Bigg Boss 16 was a life-changing experience for him. He also talked about the criticism he faced inside the reality show and the love he’s getting from the audience. The actor also opens up about ex-wife Dalljiet’s wedding, his son Jaydon shifting to Kenya and more. (Photo: Instagram)

I’d never imagined that I would get a chance to work with Ekta Kapoor

When Ekta ma’am came inside I was very conscious because of her presence as she’s the Ekta ma’am. I’d never imagined that I would get a chance to work with her. In fact when I reached the BB 16 stage and when I saw her video announcing the show, I was most excited just seeing her picking up the phone and recording that message for me. It was a big deal for me. The effort she put in to shoot that video asking “Shalin kya Karoge Mera show” I was astonished. (Photo: Instagram)


​Bekaaboo is a very different and big show

The feeling of bagging Bekaabo is unreal and the reality has still not struck me that I am actually doing the show. This is a very different and big show. It is a big responsibility and I am nervous if I’ll be able to live up to all the expectations. The phase is very unreal, full of nervousness and exciting. (Photo: Instagram)

Shalin on his parents’ reaction to Bekaaboo

When the announcement was made about Bekaaboo I was surprised and when I joined my parents on stage even they were stunned but happy. When we reached home they asked me “Tu sach mein rakshash ban raha hai”? I told them I don’t know. They were excited and whenever I take up any project I do it to make them proud. They loved the promo especially my mom and sister. (Photo: Instagram)

I wish Dalljiet and Jaydon abundance of love

I wish Dalljiet all the very best. I really pray to God that she gets love, care and happiness in the new life that she is going to start. I wish abundance of love to Dalljiet and Jaydon. (Photo: Instagram)

​On staying connected with son Jaydon and attending the wedding

I don’t think he is going very far. It is a 5-6 hours journey, Woh bhi kar lenge. When you travel to town it takes 2 hours so this is not very far. All this is not important, what is important is that to have a complete life and both Dalljiet and Jaydon are going to get it. I have not thought about it. I am shooting on March 18. My show is right now my duty and I want to give my 200 percent to my show Bekaaboo. (Photo: Instagram)


​Shalin reacts to being called fake

This is how our society has become these days. Whenever someone tries to be nice or does something good, people doubt their intentions. It is a human tendency to doubt people especially when someone is doing something good. But I never felt demotivating because I’ve been like this for years now and people have judged me why I am always full of energy. I have heard people make comments in the past about me and not finding me real. I don’t feel bad and it’s fine till the time a person doesn’t know you completely he has the power to like, dislike, hate you. (Photo: Instagram)

On him being accused of disrespecting women – When Farah Ma’am came inside she took a stand for me

I am very happy that the portrayal that was made against me about disrespecting women was broken inside only. When Farah Ma’am came inside she took a stand for me. I was grateful that she and the audience understood me. I am not a perfect person and I would have unintentionally made mistakes but I have apologised also. I am not a scripted person and a simple ordinary guy. I am thankful that the tough time I went through inside it paid off well. “Andar kitne logon ne mere emotions ko samjha I don’t know but outside many felt my tears and pain.” (Photo: Instagram)

​Shalin on why he turned down the offer of Khatron Ke Khiladi

Till February 12th I was dedicated to Bigg Boss and it was my duty to give my best to the show. The stunts I did with full conviction because I was dedicated to the show and even if the stunts were for ration I would have still given my best. It was for Khatron but it was for me performing on Bigg Boss. Obviously, there was a perk of going to KKK with Rohit Shetty sir and he was going to select. But I have phobias of creepy crawlies and I won’t be able to do the show ever. I didn’t want to say no to sir on camera but I also wanted to be honest to myself that I am not less than anyone. (Photo: Instagram)

Will you do Khatron Ke Khiladi 13?

It would be an honour to work with Rohit shetty sir and I am a huge fan of his action and films. But I don’t know if I will be able to do the show after being a part of Bekaaboo. I am on the same channel and if they ask me to do it, I won’t mind. I am ready to do an item number also for them (laughs). Right now my commitment with Bekaaboo is 200 percent. (Photo: Instagram)

Shalin on Zeenat Aman and Simi Garewal praising him

There was Zeenat Ma’am, SIMI Garewal Ma’am who wanted to meet me and when I went there I got so much love and affection. I had to leave for Bekaaboo look test but I couldn’t leave from there because there was so much love and adulation. It was unreal. I got late for the look test and we had to do the look test till 4 in the morning. I am very thankful and I get tears in my eyes. (Photo: Instagram)


Is Bigg Boss the turning point of your career?

I don’t know if it is the turning point of my career but it is definitely the turning point of my life. Career is a part of it. When I now meet people like at Varanasi or at the Holi party it is not my career, that is life and I am getting love from people for being me. It is very gratifying. (Photo: Instagram)