GB News: ‘very kind’ Queen Elizabeth had ‘innate glamour about her’, insider says | Royal | News

Dan Wootton began the segment by asking Mr Emanuel if he knew The Queen, to which the fashion designer replied he had met Her Majesty “on several occasions”.

He said: “It was always a privilege, and it was always very exciting, and she had this innate glamour about her.”  

Mr Emanuel also described The Queen as “very caring, very kind, very discreet”. 

He reminisced about how times have changed, and that it used to be not appropriate to share private conversations with The Queen, but said now people “quite openly” talk about their interactions with Her late Majesty.

He added: “It’s nice because you get to know the real woman.”

Mr Wootton then asked Mr Emanuel about the procession, and said: “What was it like given that you did know her David, watching that procession today, with her coffin leaving Buckingham Palace for the final time?” 

Mr Emanuel replied: “It was immaculately presented. Everything, it started with the troops and there was the build-up…the procession was extraordinary.

“Once you saw the horses…everybody was buzzing about it, and then suddenly you saw the coffin and you thought ‘oh lord.’”

Mr Emanuel went on to describe members of the Royal Family who attended the ceremony.

He noted how grief-stricken the King looked, described Princess Anne as “very composed” and said the new Prince of Wales, Prince William, “looked wonderful in his uniform”.

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Mr Wootton asked: “Was that the right decision? Because it’s become a real debate…do you think it’s appropriate for Andrew and Harry to be in their morning suits?” 

Mr Emanuel answered: “Well, they’ve been stripped of their titles, and they’ve been stripped of all their decoration.”

He added: “They’re out of work royals, so to put them in uniform seems a bit fake to me, I mean there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a day suit…But it looked wrong, in that procession, it looked odd.”

On Tuesday, a spokesman for Prince Harry said the Duke would be wearing a morning suit throughout the events. 

They said: “His decade of military service is not determined by the uniform he wears and we respectfully ask that focus remains on the life and legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral will be held next Monday, September 19, but will spend Thursday to Sunday at Westminster Hall where the public can pay their respects.