Groom gifts wife 60 kg gold, she wears it on wedding day, guests stunned : The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, October 16

A bride in China wore 60 kilograms of gold jewellery on her wedding day and stunned all the guests. The wedding took place on September 30 in Hubei province. The jewellery was gifted by her husband, reports Tribun Solo.

A picture of the bride has gone viral in which she is seen wearing a white wedding dress along with gold jewllery and has a bouquet of roses in her hands.

As the jewellery was heavy, she could not walk so the groom helped her.

As per Tribun Solo, she was given 60 gold necklaces, each weighing around one kilogram along with two huge gold bangles.

As the bride arrived at the wedding venue, many wedding guests felt left stunned looking at the bride.