‘He has raised the bar so high’: Groom surprises bride with an impromptu portrait at their wedding. Watch

It is common to see a bride or a groom performing a dance number at their wedding for their partner. However, a groom showed his artistic side and surprised his bride with an impromptu portrait of her at their wedding.

Varun Jarsania posted a video of creating his wife Pratha Vardaria’s portrait at their wedding. Keeping a canvas on the stage, he started drawing the portrait by using a paintbrush. The bride is seen sitting in the front row and cheering for him.

First, Jarsania paints a heart on the canvas and then does his wife’s portrait in an upside-down style. He uses broad paint strokes to make the portrait. After he is done, he flips over the canvas to its upright position. Vardaria looks surprised and astonished look as the portrait resembles her and looks beautiful.

“Groom dancing for his Bride is too common!!Ye dekho kuch alag!!! Love for my Bride & now wifey!!” Jarsania captioned the video.

Watch the clip below:

Posted on December 17, the clip has amassed more than 1.2 million views.

“He has raised the bar so high! Amazing,” commented a user. “Did not expect that at all,” said another. “Absolutely awesome, bless you both,” wrote a third. “Really it’s too cool way to express love,” another netizen complimented.