How Much Does a Wedding Veil Cost?

We’ve already written cost guides for wedding dresses, wedding flowers, wedding hair and makeup, and weddings in general (click here for how much a wedding costs in Ireland, and here for how much one costs in the UK!), and here, we’re sharing how much a wedding veil costs! There’s a good chance that you’ve never purchased a veil before, so it can be difficult to know how much you should spend, and what the difference is between a €50/£40 and a €500/£400 veil! And, as always, we’re here to help. Let’s start with the seemingly straight-forward question, “how much does a wedding veil cost?”

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How Much Does a Wedding Veil Cost?

The good news is that veils are available for almost any budget, but, of course, the quality varies wildly! You can get a cheap piece of tulle and make your own for a couple of euro, but it will probably look more like the kind of veil you’d wear on your hen weekend than a gorgeous accessory worthy of one of the most fabulous dresses you’ve ever worn. You can purchase high-quality, short birdcage veils from as little as €50/£40. A high-quality cathedral-length veil will cost at least €100/£85. A custom-made veil created using very high-end fabrics or featuring statement embellishment can cost anything from €400/£350 to €1,000/£850 and beyond. If you’re looking to find out the average cost of a wedding veil, you should find our guide below very useful!

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Our Wedding Veil Cost Guide:

Not sure which style of veil you’re after – click here to read our guide to veil lengths and types!

  • Pre-owned veil: €50/£40 – €250/£210+
  • Vintage veil: €50/£40 – €250/£210+
  • Birdcage veil: €50/£40 – €100/£85
  • Blusher veil: €50/£40 – €100/£85
  • Flyaway veil: €50/£40 – €100/£85
  • Shoulder-length veil: €50/£40 – €125/£100
  • Elbow-length veil: €50/£40 – €125/£100
  • Fingertip veil: €50/£40 – €500/£400
  • Ballet veil: €50/£40 – €500/£400
  • Juliet cap veil: €100/£85 – €500/£400
  • Mantilla: €100/£85 – €500/£400
  • Cathedral veil: €100/£85 – €500/£400
  • Bespoke Cathedral veil: €400/£350 – €1,000/£850+

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Where are the Best Places to Buy a Veil?

Most bridal boutiques stock veils, including budget-friendly options like Barnardos Bridal Rooms, and you can also find pre-owned options anywhere you’d find a pre-owned wedding dress, including classified sites (more information on that here.) There are also lots of designers and brands that specialise in beautiful, unique veils – we’ve written a feature all about our favourites, which you’ll find here.

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