How To Handle A Bridesmaid Dropping Out Of Your Wedding Right Before The Big Day

If their dropping out is due to a death in the family or something equally tragic that has happened, you can’t fault them (via Inside Weddings). You also certainly can’t take it personally or make a case for why they should put your wedding first because, well, come on — be an understanding human. Even with all the pressure to make your wedding perfect, make time to check in on them and offer a shoulder to cry on.

If it’s a money issue or stress related, try to work with them on it. “When you’re thinking about who to ask to be in your wedding party, really consider who they are to you and what role they’ll play,” Lara Mahler, founder and chief planner of event production company The Privilege is Mine, tells The Knot. “Instead of expecting certain things to be done by your bridesmaids, work together to create an environment that works for everyone. Your bridesmaids will be thankful that you’ve considered the time and finances you’re asking them to contribute.”

Again, these are things that you really can’t fault your friend for, especially if you already know that asking them to be a bridesmaid was going to be a financial burden. As for the stress aspect, some people just aren’t cut out to be bridesmaids, especially if they already have too much on their plate, personally and professionally.