I paid £3k for a custom wedding dress and hated it – I cried so hard my lashes fell off when I saw it

IMAGINE spending months looking forward to trying on your custom-made wedding gown, only for it to be an overwhelming disappointment.

Sadly that nightmare became a reality for one woman who recently dished all the details on her dress disaster. 


One woman had a nightmare when it came to trying on her wedding dressCredit: TikTok

TikTok user @naadiathomasrealty said was understandably excited to step out in her dress, but it soon became a “£3000 wedding mistake.”

In a video for the social media site, @naadiathomasrealty explained: “I went to go and pick up my wedding dress.

“I saw a sneak peek preview of how the dress was going to look and I didn’t like it, but in my head, after talking to people, I felt like I could make alterations to it.

“[I thought], ‘it’ll be fine, it’ll be great, it’ll be grand.’ It was not. I just paid the remainder of a $700 balance for a dress that I will never wear… never.”

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The social media user went on to say that she tried to convince herself it wasn’t a total waste of money as she could wear the outfit to a hen party – but quickly changed her mind when she realised how much she “hated” it. 

She continued: “I hate it, I truly do. I hate it. The moral of this story is – don’t think you can design some s**t in your head, it won’t work.

“Today is the day I went to pick up my wedding dress and it’s not actually my wedding dress – just a piece of fabric.” 

Further opening up on the moment she saw the outfit for the first time, @naadiathomasrealty said in a follow-up video that it had made her cry her “lashes off.” 

She then gave her intrigued followers a glimpse of the design – a strapless, fitted, embroidered number. 

Her followers were quick to say that she had made the right decision when she decided to ditch the dress to walk down the aisle. 

One wrote: “I didn’t think it would be that bad.” A second said: “Uhm…yeah… I understand now.”

While a third commented: “Yea, it’s a no. Give it back.”

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@naadiathomasrealty has since gone wedding dress shopping again, as she counts down the days until her nuptials this year. 

In a short TikTok video posted recently, the real estate agent said: “I’m officially about to say yes to the dress… again.

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“But this time I’m so confident. I’m so happy, like, this was a 360 experience from my first time around shopping.

“It was the bomb.com and they even gave me a gift for saying yes to the dress.”

She said she cried so much when she saw it in person for the first time


She said she cried so much when she saw it in person for the first timeCredit: TikTok
She then showed it to her followers - who all thought she needed to ditch it


She then showed it to her followers – who all thought she needed to ditch it