‘I’d be a runaway bride!’

Weird But True

During an episode of “The Unfiltered Bride” podcast, wedding planner Georgie Mitchell (left) revealed how a groom was busted by a bride being breastfed by his own mother. Her co-host Beth Smith is seen at right.

She’ll be milking this story ’til death do her part.

A woman has gone viral after revealing that a groom was busted allegedly being breastfed by his mother on his wedding day.

Wedding planner Georgie Mitchell relayed the tawdry tale during an episode of “The Unfiltered Bride” podcast, which she co-hosts with pal Beth Smith.

Mitchell didn’t witness the shocking mother-son moment herself, instead claiming she heard about the nuptial nightmare from a make-up artist named Jenny.

“Jenny says to me, ‘I did a wedding the other day and you’ll never guess what happened,’” Mitchell stated in an apparently since-deleted TikTok clip about the alleged incident. “The bride needed to go to the toilet just before the ceremony. She walked into the toilet, and what she saw was enough to end a wedding.”

The bride reportedly busted her soon-to-be-husband in the bathroom with his mom.Getty Images/iStockphoto

“What do you think she saw?” Mitchell asked co-host Smith, who subsequently gave a number of guesses.

She theorized that the groom was cheating or doing drugs, to which Mitchell responded: “Worse. He was being breastfed by his mom.”

Smith gasped at the revelation, stating: “Sorry, what? Why is his mom still producing milk?”

“She’s obviously been doing it continuously,” Mitchell responded before asking her co-host whether she would still marry the man if she was the bride.

“Would you call off the wedding? Everyone is in the room waiting. You definitely wouldn’t kiss when they say, ‘You can kiss the groom,’” the podcaster quipped before bursting into laughter.

Mitchell relayed the tawdry tale, claiming she heard about it from a make-up artist named Jenny. TikTok/@the.unfiltered.bride

A video recording of the podcast was shared to TikTok, where it quickly went viral, racking up more than 768,000 views and a load of stunned responses.

“Took ‘mommy’s boy’ to a whole new level,” one viewer joked.

“I thought you were gonna say that the groom was dead — but this was worse!” another horrified person declared.

The mother and son weren’t publicly identified. Getty Images

Meanwhile, other traumatized women said they would have dumped the husband-to-be at the altar.

“I’d be a runaway bride so fast,” one declared.

While Mitchell didn’t disclose whether the bride-to-be actually went ahead with the wedding, The Post has reached out to Mitchell to get the answer.

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