Groom caught in unbelievable act at wedding

A bride did a runner on her Big Day after she allegedly busted the groom doing the unthinkable in a toilet before walking down the aisle.

A podcast host has shared a story she was told by her make-up artist who was working at a wedding when the bride called it off after finding her husband doing the unthinkable in the toilet.

Wedding planner Georgie Mitchell detailed the horrifying, and somewhat unbelievable, incident during an episode of “The Unfiltered Bride” podcast, which she co-hosts with Beth Smith.

While Georgie wasn’t present at the Big Day, she’d been told the story by two co-workers who were present, including a make-up artist she named as “Jenny”.

“Jenny says to me, ‘I did a wedding the other day and you’ll never guess what happened,’” she explained in a YouTube video about the alleged incident.

“The bride needed to go to the toilet just before the ceremony. She walked into the toilet, and what she saw was enough to end a wedding.”

One couple never made it down after the bride the aisle after she made a shocking discovery about her groom on their wedding day, a wedding planner claims. Picture: iStock

Beth proceeds to guess what the bride uncovered in the bathroom a few hours before the ceremony, listing an array of possibilities, including the groom being caught cheating.

But the truth was far more shocking.

“Worse. He was being breastfed by his mum,” Georgie states.

The pair then question how the mother of a grown man could possibly still be producing milk, reasoning it must be because she had never stopped.

“She’s obviously been doing it continuously,” Georgie continued, before asking her co-host the million dollar question.

“Would you call off the wedding? Everyone is in the room waiting. You definitely wouldn’t kiss when they say, ‘You can kiss the groom,’” the podcaster quipped before bursting into uncomfortable laughter.

Georgie Mitchell detailed the horrifying incident during an episode of The Unfiltered Bride. Picture: YouTube/The Unfiltered Bride

Her co-host was shocked to discover the groom had been caught allegedly breastfeeding from his mother. Picture: YouTube/The Unfiltered Bride

The video, which has since been deleted on TikTok, has caused a huge response as many weigh in on the unexpected mother and son act.

“Took ‘mommy’s boy’ to a whole new level,” one viewer joked, according to The New York Post.

“I thought you were gonna say that the groom was dead — but this was worse!” another horrified person declared.

Meanwhile, other traumatised women said they would have dumped the husband-to-be at the altar.

“I’d be a runaway bride so fast,” one declared.

However, many women have condemned the story, describing it a “stupid” and “unrealistic” online – adding it creates a stigma for women who breastfeed to “natural term”.

Others questioned the legitimacy of the tale, stating it sounded too “far fetched” to be real.