I’m a bride – my unique wedding dress essential saved the day but people are calling it crazy

WEDDING day traditions can vary from country to country, across all cultures and religions.

A common tradition in a lot of cultures is for the bride and groom to avoid seeing each other on the day of the wedding ceremony – and one bride found a creative way to embrace that.


Instagram user Rachel Heheh shared her unique wedding day look which ensured her groom did not see her before the ceremonyCredit: Instagram/rachelheheh

Instagram user Rachel shared a video showing the unique wedding dress cover she used on her big day.

“I made this contraption so my husband and guests wouldn’t see me before I walked down the aisle,” Rachel said as she showed viewers footage from before the ceremony.

She explained that the need for such an extreme method came about because her wedding took place in South Korea, where it is custom for all members of the wedding party and guests to arrive early and see the bride in her dress.

Rachel wanted to follow the western custom of hiding her dress until her walk down the aisle.

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She explained in the comments section that her friend came up with the idea of using an umbrella to hide the blushing bride.

Rachel’s followers took to the Instagram comments section to share their thoughts on the unique idea.

“I love this. I was shocked when I went to my first [Korean] wedding and the bride was just sitting there. I’m like nooooo the surprise is ruined!” wrote one user.

Another viewer said: “I loved this idea omg! It is still weird to me how they see the bride before[hand].”

“Actually genius. I thought they provided it for you!!” commented a third person.

Another follower wrote: “And sure enough, it’s not a thing in Korea, not bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. But everyone should be cool keeping the tradition they feel.”

Other Instagram users were not convinced that the contraption was a necessity.

Rachel used an umbrella-like structure to ensure her groom and guests didn't see her dress before the ceremony


Rachel used an umbrella-like structure to ensure her groom and guests didn’t see her dress before the ceremonyCredit: Instagram/rachelheheh

“It seems like a long raincoat with a hood would’ve done just the trick!” said another viewer.

Another person wrote: “That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.”

“Just show it, so silly,” commented one of Rachel’s followers.