Incredible detail in bride’s wedding dress for blind husband

A blind groom has shared the incredible lengths his new wife went to on their wedding day to make the celebration as accessible as possible for him.

“I’m blind and just got married,” groom Anthony Ferraro said in a video on TikTok of his wedding earlier this month, that’s been viewed over 500K times.

Blind groom Anthony said his wife wore a tactile wedding dress just for him. Photo: TikTok

“It was truly the most amazing day, where so many friends and family came by to support our love,” he continued, before revealing: “She even wore a tactile wedding dress so I could feel how beautiful she was.”

And the wedding dress – woven cotton flowers and lace – wasn’t the only detail especially organised for Anthony. 


Before the ceremony, Kelly Ann wrote a letter to Anthony in braille, and they purposely held the ceremony during the day as Anthony can perceive shadows and light. The reception was held in a tent, and the metal poles were wrapped in bubble wrap disguised with decorations.

Afterwards, Anthony told USA Today: “I’ve also said she’s my eyes in this world, but for her to have a dress custom made so I could feel and touch it meant the world to me.”

“The whole time at the aisle I was whispering to him ‘touch my dress, touch my dress,’ and it made me so happy to know he could feel and enjoy my dress as much as I did,” Kelly Ann added.

The video received hundreds of comments from people who shared their love for the sweet gesture.

“Not going to lie this made me tear up,” one person commented.

“The tactile dress! Such a sweet thing to do,” another wrote.

“Love isn’t dead after all!” was another comment, while a fourth said: “Yep and I’m crying at the dress so he could feel how beautiful she was!”

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