Internet Slams Couple Banning Best Man’s Newborn From Child-Free Wedding

The internet has slammed a couple for refusing to allow their best man’s newborn baby at their wedding.

On Friday, a viral post on Mumsnet caught the attention of the internet after asking if it was “harsh” to refuse to allow the newborn baby at the wedding.

Posted by user questionofthedaywedding, the post offered: “If your best man would be a father to a newborn on your wedding day, would you allow the newborn at the wedding, when it’s generally a child-free wedding?

“Is that being harsh to best man and his wife, who’ll presumably only come if [the] newborn can come? Asking for a friend situation.”

According to a 2021 survey by The Knot, the average wedding hosts around 131 guests, while the national average cost of a wedding is $28,000.

Despite the growing cost of holding a wedding, posters on Mumsnet were unsympathetic towards the couple, with over 900 responses to the original post.

One user answered: “If you want to maintain any sort of relationship with the best man beyond the wedding, then yes. This is the kind of thing that destroys friendships.”

While another wrote: “Of course baby should be allowed – until they can eat solids I would consider newborns extensions of their parents.”

According to a 2022 survey by Zola, approximately 47 percent of couples include kids in their wedding plans. But 35 percent request their guests get a sitter if they can, while an additional 21 percent say absolutely do not bring your kids.

Many commenters on the viral post suggested that an exception should be made even if the wedding was otherwise child-free.

One user wrote: “If it were my wedding I’d make an exception to ‘no kids’ for babes in arms in this situation.” While another said: “I think you’ll have to, as his wife will still be breastfeeding at 8 weeks and a bit limited time-wise to get a backup of frozen pumped milk in store for someone else to take over. If anyone is going to break the rules, I think people will understand it’s the best man’s family.”

“Babies under 6 months should always be the exception,” wrote one user.

In a later reply, the poster questionofthedaywedding updated: “The bridegroom are suggesting the best man just comes in his own and leaves [his] wife and baby at home. They’ve even suggested best man can take another plus one instead of [his] wife and baby.”

Users on Mumsnet were left even more shocked by the couple’s behavior, with one user writing: “What?? They think the best man should bring someone else that didn’t just have a baby? That is absolutely disgusting behavior.” Another wrote: “I don’t think that anyone will think someone else’s wedding is important enough to tolerate this kind of attitude.”

In January, the internet backed a couple who decided to keep their wedding a secret from their family. While last year, a bride was slammed for asking her sister’s disabled husband to stay out of any photos at her wedding.

A file photo of a couple at a wedding and a small baby. The internet has slammed a couple of refusing to invite their best man’s newborn baby to their wedding.
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