Internet Slams Mom Who Booked Hairdresser For Daughter’s Wedding — Against Her Wishes

The average cost of wedding hair is anywhere from $100 to $350. Brides says the cost of the bride’s hair could be upwards of $250 with an additional $50 to $100 for everyone in the bridal party. Regardless, a bride wants to feel confident everyone will look their best on the big day. According to one Redditor, that choice led to a family feud.

A woman who goes by “aita_catlady” took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole (AITA)” forum to ask whether she’s in the wrong for choosing against her mother’s wishes.

“I got engaged about a month ago, and my fiancé and I recently set a date for late 2023,” she wrote. “Everyone is excited, especially my mom, and in my opinion she’s using her excitement as an excuse to ignore boundaries, but everyone (other than my fiancé) is insisting I’m in the wrong here, so I’ve come to Reddit for help.”

She continued: “My mom’s friend is a hairdresser. My mom has been going to her for at least 25 years, and I grew up having this woman (I’ll call her Stacy) do my hair. Stacy was great when I was a kid, but as an adult woman, Stacy is…well, she’s very nice, but sometime in the past few years she’s been incapable of doing my hair.”

She went on to give a few examples saying, she “asked for curtain bangs and left with straight across seven-year-old bangs,” she “asked Stacy not to use heat on my hair (trying to protect my natural curls), and Stacy told me I didn’t have curly hair and straightened it anyway,” and that Stacy also “jokes about checking in with my parents to make sure they ‘approved’ what I was doing to my hair.”

There was another incident in which the hairdresser did something other than asked in regards to color because, “this looks better, trust me.”

The big problem came when the Redditor’s mom asked if Stacy could do the bridal party’s hair. The woman said no, but she claimed her mother was relentless. Still, she felt as though the issue had passed — until her mother called to tell her the “good” news: “She had asked Stacy to do everyone’s makeup and hair, and Stacy had accepted!”

The woman continued: “I reminded her that I had said no, and that even though she had asked Stacy, my answer was still no. My mom just hung up, and I haven’t heard from her since.”

The whole incident caused some friction within the family as the woman’s father and brother became involved, taking to Stacy and the mother’s side.

“They think once mom asked Stacy I should have just sucked it up, because Stacy is Mom’s friend, and I’ve really hurt her by excluding her,” she said. “Who cares if she screws up hair/makeup? It’s just hair, and it’s just one day. Im being a bridezilla, and it’s only a month in.”

The internet came to the woman’s defense.

A general view from the wedding of NBA Referee Violet Palmer and Celebrity Hair Stylist Tanya Stein.
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“NTA. If Stacy can’t be trusted to do what you ask of her, she doesn’t need to be involved with your wedding hair and make up. Your mom can apologize to Stacy and explain that she tried to set this all up behind your back,” NUT-me-SHELL said.

“Make sure your bridal party 100% for certain knows that the hairdresser will be someone of your choosing, will not be Stacy, and unless they hear directly from you, will not be changing to Stacy,” PrideofCapetown said.

dehydratedrain chimed in saying, “I can’t believe they’re saying ‘it’s just one day’. It’s one of the most important days of your life. I’ve been married nearly 20 yrs and I have a big photo of my husband and I on the wall. If I had to see my messed up hair I’d cry.”

“Don’t budge. It’s YOUR wedding, you do whatever you want,” Separate-Bird-1997 added.

Swimming-Low-6895 said, “You said no MULTIPLE times and she did this anyways. Your mom is an asshat. Your wedding. Your rules. They can both grow tf up and get over it.”

“Your family has no boundaries. You need to nip that in the butt fast. NTA,” monicajo12 said.

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