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Irina Baeva is nowhere to walk down the aisle and become the new wife of Gabriel Soto, let’s remember that he was already married to Geraldine Bazán. The beautiful model decided to wear a wedding dress and spoil or gift your fans how radiant you will look on your wedding day.

It was through his account Instagram that young man of Russian origin shared the magazine cover Hello!, in which it appears with a spectacular dress white color with lace, fitted to her figure, along with a bouquet of flowers and a discreet makeup and long earrings.

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In her post, Baeva wrote “Bride to be”, in Spanish Future girlfriend with capital letters and the phrase: “Coming soon #WeddingDay! (Wedding day!)”. However, what attracted the most attention was what Gabriel Soto wrote for what will be his wife. Here is the PHOTO.

Irina Baeva PHOTO IG irinabaeva / Hello!

What did Gabriel Soto write?

The actor is surprised so much when seeing Irina Baeva, dressed as a bride. What did he write? Here we tell you what he published in his account Instagram.

“My beautiful wife to be ????????????????”, in Spanish “My beautiful future wife”

Meet the FOUR dresses at her wedding with Gabriel Soto

It was in 2017, when the actor Gabriel Soto and Geraldine bazan announced their divorce after 10 years together for an infidelity of him, leaving the star of For loving without law like a victim. Although the name of the third in discord had not been revealed, everything pointed to the fact that it was the actress of Russian origin, Irina Baeva, since they both shared credits in the soap opera, Single with daughters.

On more than one occasion, images came out of both actors very close together and caramelized when he was still married to Bazán; however that did not stop them in the least.

Some time later, things got out of control, as they decided to accept their relationship without any pain, so the actress was singled out as a “Take away husbands.”

A little over three years have passed in which both have had to deal with the rumors that pointed them out, and it was even Baeva herself who took time to discuss. clarify the situation.

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto IG irinabaeva

Classic and Russian-style wedding

Now, the couple is ready to take this next step, now as husband and wife, so they have already revealed the date of the union, and it is expected to be for him. next year 2022.

Among the plans that the couple has, there will also be a hybrid ceremony, as they hope to have different traditions or things, both from Russia as from Mexico.

It was the actress of Russian origin who took a few minutes to announce not only the date of her next union but also confirm that she will wear at least two to four different wedding dresses, because she does not want to be changing much at the ceremony.

“If I have already chosen the dress, the dress, I think you have to enjoy it. There may be a second option in case the dress is very large, you are very comfortable when dancing,” he added.

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