Bride-to-be faces backlash over the ‘outrageous’ requirements for her destination wedding: ‘Pay for it yourself’

A bride-to-be doesn’t understand why several bridesmaids dropped out of the wedding party. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” to assess the situation. She asked six of her friends to be bridesmaids. The friends agreed until they realized what the bride-to-be had in store for them. A couple of the brides immediately dropped out once they learned the wedding requirements. But the bride-to-be doesn’t think she’s asking too much at all.  

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“I’m having a destination wedding,” the bride-to-be wrote. “I asked some of my friends to be in my bridal party. My requests seemed reasonable at first, but then my bridesmaids started backing down one after the other. Some of my requests were that, since it’s a destination wedding, they’ll pay for their own rooms in the same resort hotel [where] my husband, [me] and our families will stay. They’re also required to buy their own dresses and find their own hairstylists and makeup artists. Their hair and makeup should be the same on all of them. My maid of honor (MOH) also told them how she’s planning the bachelorette party, which will be a weekend getaway, and how everyone there covers their own costs. I also suggested if any of them wants to diet, I’ll appreciate it, but they’re not forced to, of course.”

Many of the bridesmaids were unhappy with the financial demands made of them. 

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“After my requests were made clear, I had a couple of my bridesmaids (there are six in total) saying that, sadly, they’ll have to step down because they can’t afford all this,” the bride-to-be explained. “They said there’s no way they can afford both a destination wedding and a destination bachelorette. They said they’ll step down. The next day, I met with the four bridesmaids who remained. One of them told me that my requests are not possible to fulfill for everyone, so I shouldn’t take it personally. I said, ‘Those are regular requests any bride makes for her wedding, why am I not allowed to?’ She said I need to grow up and realize not everyone can afford it, and it’s not my business to argue about it.”

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Redditors thought the bride-to-be was being unreasonable. 

“Expectations for bridesmaids have grown to be outrageous,” a user commented. 

“If you want them to wear a specific dress, then pay for it yourself,” another commented. 

“I don’t know how people can be so self-centered,” someone wrote. 

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