Lydia Lavín Mexico City Resort 2022 Collection

Lydia Lavín is a contemporary Mexican fashion brand founded in 2005 by Lydia Lavín, a textile design scholar with a passion for preserving indigenous Mexican textile techniques, and Montserrat Messeguer, her daughter and co-designer. For their new resort collection the duo took the monarch butterfly, whose range spans most of Mexico, as inspiration.

The show opened with a series of looks featuring butterfly motifs, as a sort of analogy for the experience we have lived through since the pandemic arrived. Having found ourselves in a cocoon-like state, we’re now preparing to emerge from it, so butterflies gave way to patterned poppies, and these to vibrant color blocks, always embellished with traditional embroidery, this time produced in Taxco, Guerrero, with organic cotton.

Silhouettes were fluid and rich in ruffles; skin was the star of the show with deep necklines or mini bras. In short, the clothes invited you to escape. At times the interplay of prints, ruffles, and color-blocking felt like too much information. It was in the more sober looks where the designer found a better expression of what contemporary Mexican fashion is/ See: the wedding dress at the end, whose play of textures and embroidery perfectly complemented the modern silhouette of the look.