Meghan Markle criticised for ‘deeply problematic stunt’ at Prince Philip’s funeral

Meghan Markle has been accused of attempting a ‘publicity stunt’ at Prince Philip’s funeral last year, with a royal expert suggesting that the Duchess of Sussex attempting to hog limelight despite missing the service.

Meghan, who missed the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral last April due to her pregnancy, was represented at the service by her husband Prince Harry who laid a colourful wreath on the couple’s behalf.

Now, royal expert, Daniela Elser has claimed that Meghan attempted to grab headlines by leaking details of the wreath laid by Prince Harry while details of other royal wreaths remained private.

In a new article, Elser wrote: “What is baffling here is why and how, on a day that should have been resolutely, solely focused on celebrating the duke, that something Sussex-related succeeded to be found in the titles.”

Elser explained that while all other details of Philip’s funeral arrangements were made public, ‘no details of the other eight crowns that were placed in the chapel has been published’.

She then added: “The appearance here is that even in this time of mourning, someone next to Sussex saw Meghan’s crown and note as an opportunity to do some good PR, barely uplifting stuff.”

Elser accused Meghan of helping promote the florist, Willow Crossley, who designed the wreath and was also behind her wedding flowers.

She further questioned: “But why did anyone feel the need to share this information with the world? The inevitable conclusion here is that the details of the salvation created by Crossley are known today and making headlines, because someone wanted them there.”