Nadia Ferreira goes wedding dress shopping with her mom

Her future as Mrs. Muñiz

Now that Anthony has concluded his Pa’lla Voy Tour 2022 tour, the couple is back home in Miami seemingly in wedding planning mode. In an interview with HOLA! USA, the first runner-up of Miss Universe 2021, revealed that she was brainstorming until the time came to organize the wedding. “I have an album of the things I would like,” she said gleefully.

While they have not revealed many details of their wedding, she has shared insight into what she wants for their future- children! “(I see myself) with many children, with a large family of course!” she told us.

The date is unknown, but the second leg of Anthony’s tour kicks off on February 9 in New York at Madison Square Garden. The Salsero will take the stage until March 12, which can point to a summer wedding if they wait until the tour ends..