Newlyweds’ First Dance Goes Horribly Wrong in Cringeworthy Video

A newly married couple had a memorable first wedding dance for all the wrong reasons when they both fell in a mishap that’s now gone viral.

The TikTok recounting the moment is captioned, “#greenscreenvideo a year ago today we busted our [peach emoji] #smoothlikenitropepsi,” and has been viewed 517,800 times and liked 39,700 times since it was shared on March 16.

According to The Knot’s Real Weddings Study in which around 15,000 couples were surveyed in the United States, the national average price of a wedding in 2021 was $28,000. If you include the engagement ring, the cost rises to $34,000.

TikToker @mikaelodummurdaugh, the bride, shared the quick video accompanied by Brent Morgan’s song What Dreams Are Made Of.

The video started with the bride and groom stepping out onto the dance floor outside during their reception, with the TikToker being twirled by her husband.

“I would say we had the best wedding entrance,” the screen read in text overlay.

But after the twirl, the groom dipped his wife back, and she lost her footing as he lifted a foot up. The groom tried to catch and hold onto his wife so she wouldn’t fall as he struggled to keep her vertical. Luckily a woman in the crowd, the bride’s sister, managed to catch the bride before she fell on her face.

A newlywed couple’s first dance went horribly wrong in a cringeworthy video. Here, a bride and groom’s first dance.

However, the sister continued holding onto the bride even when she fell slightly after her husband fell over her wedding dress in all the commotion. The sister went down with the bride, holding her all the while, falling herself before it was all over. The bride was helped up as people kept watching the spectacle around the dancefloor.

Over 200 comments came in over the wedding accident sure to be remembered. Some people commented on the woman who helped assist the bride. “Maid of honor taking the fall is the real one,” a TikToker said.

Others mentioned the photographer who snapped a picture of the groom on the ground. “It’s the photographer’s determination to get epic pictures of this,” a viewer added.

The groom’s initial response didn’t go unnoticed. “Oh this is great!” a TikToker said. “The way he tried to catch you.”

One called the situation “certainly the most memorable” dance. “But it looks like everyone was so great about it!” they wrote. “And your dress!”

While others had jokes about the mishap. “See they’re falling for each other,” one viewer said. Another joked, “Looks like you swept each other off your feet!”

Some couldn’t get enough of the unconventional wedding moment. “But can we see the pictures as y’all were going down?” a viewer asked. “For a friend.”

Others seemed to appreciate the full situation for what it was. “Love this!” a TikToker said. “I hate those cringy choreographed entrances where the drunk bridal party tries to be the center of attention. Congratulations!”

The unfortunate moment provoked humor in many people who watched. “I’m so sorry that I just laughed my a** off,” a viewer admitted.

Newsweek reached out to @mikaelodummurdaugh for comment.