Newlyweds speak out about sudden closure of Glasser Images, still awaiting wedding photos

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — The sudden closure of a North Dakota-based photography company is being felt across the Upper Midwest, including here, near Rochester.

Glasser Images has left hundreds wanting refunds.

One Pine Island couple says they never received all of the photos from their summer wedding, and they aren’t the only ones.

Sophia and Addison Doscher got married in early August and hired Glasser Images to do their wedding photos.

After the photography business closed its doors, the couple said all they can do now is wait for a resolution.

“We don’t want our money back, we just want our pictures and our memories,” Addison said.

Before hiring Glasser Images to capture their wedding day, the Doschers say they did their research and say they had an amazing experience with the company before the sudden closure.

“I mean they were so easy to work with, just super nice people, super professional,” Sophia said. “The day was, I don’t know, it was just perfect. We had no idea.”

So, when the news broke the newlyweds said they were shocked and confused.

“I just hope Jack Glasser understands that he’s dealing with people’s memories,” Addison said. “People can’t just redo their weddings.”

Glasser Images is citing the COVID-19 pandemic for the sudden closure.

“They said in an email that they have had irreparable damage from COVID-19 and the shutdown of last year,” Addison said. “And with that, that’s why they are claiming they are going to get bankrupt and it was just an instant shutdown, we’re closed. They didn’t have any rhyme or reason as to why.”

“Everyone’s a victim,” Sophia said. “The clients, the photographers, it’s nobody’s fault except the guy in charge.”

The Doschers say they feel they are a little more fortunate than some other couples because they got their “sneak peek” photos, which is about 75 pictures. But like many, they still haven’t received their full gallery of wedding photos.

“It’s just really sad, thinking of all the memories we had that day and then just only being able to see a handful of them,” Sophia said. “A lot of them we didn’t get our family with, our grandparents. It’s just really disappointing that it happened.”

The Doschers did share one piece of advice they learned from this experience, they recommend working with a small, local photographer over a larger company if you are looking at hiring a photographer.

The North Dakota Attorney General’s office has subpoenaed this photography firm.

The Attorney General’s office intends to schedule a hearing in which Glasser would be required to answer questions under oath.

More than 500 complaints have been filed against the company.