Officer Joe Hernandez, 36, Dies After Terminal Illness

JOLIET, IL — Joliet Police Officer Joe Hernandez, who has been battling esophagus cancer for more than a year, died Tuesday at an area hospital, Joliet Patch has learned.

“With immense pain and sorrow, Joe took his last breath at 2:30 p.m. today,” organizers posted on the GoFundMe called Joe’s Journey from Cop to Cancer. “He was surrounded by family and loved ones as he took each fighting breath to celebrate his 9th wedding anniversary with Anna. He wants his legacy to live on in memories of happiness and smiles … RIP Joe we love you.”

Members of the Joliet Police Department were also notified of the 36-year-old traffic patrolman’s death. Hernandez was 36.

Joe Hernandez and his wife, Anna, have been married nine years, and they have three sons, ages 12, 6 and 4.

A traffic patrol officer, Hernandez was unable to work at the Joliet Police Department since last October.

“Please say a prayer for his family as we will continue to post updates for services to follow. RIP Joe, we love you,” Tuesday’s GoFundMe announced.