Sabrina Bryan Wedding Dress Pictures and Video Goes Viral On YouTube

PHOTOS: Sabrina Bryan Wedding Dress Pictures and Video Goes Viral On YouTube: Sabrina Bryan is a renowned personality who recently exchange vows with Jordan Lundberg in the year 2018 in the month of October.  She can give thanks to an Olympian Aly Raisman for her wedding dress. It is the biggest dream of every bride to look beautiful and wear the world’s most stunning wedding dress. The singer was looking stunning and fabulous in her wedding dress. What transpired with two dresses on her ceremony and while another one is for the reception. Follow More Update On

Sabrina Bryan Wedding Dress

The star of the movie Cheetah Girl couldn’t “say yes to the dress” as she took the matter into her own hands and she called up a favorite designer of hers to create two gorgeous gowns for her day. She designed her two dresses for big days. She married her boyfriend whose name is Jordan Lundberg and they tied a knot at Wayne Newton’s home which is in Las Vegas. They were in a relationship for the last six years. She has been also involved in filming an episode of the show. Say Yes to the Dress and during the shoot of it she looked at her wedding dress. She tried many options and after that, she choose one of her gowns for her wedding day.

Sabrina Bryan Wedding Dress Photos and Video

Bryan’s statement reads “I was so sure that only wanted a Hayley Paige, and she told people about the designer I’m so blessed to design my big day’s dress. I’m super curious to have a costume designer dress by the most famous designer Miss Hayley. She is one of my favorite designers for the year and I’m super excited to be a part of it. And while she designed my dress we ‘both become best friends. Hayley has done a commendable job.”

The reception also went for the custom dress and this was also designed by Hayley. Her reception dress is also flaunting and stunning. It has a plunging neckline and a sexy low back. She was super happy on her big days and she was looking fabulous on both of them.

In her wedding pictures, we can see that she’s looking beautiful and her dress was so elegant. While in her reception dress she is looking sexy and stunning. Whereas both of them are found so in love with each other and they seem happy to be tied a knot. Stay tuned to us.