Meghan Markle wore ‘sexier’ second wedding dress while Kate ‘didn’t really relax’

Second wedding dresses are often less traditional as rules are relaxed after the official ceremony giving royals the freedom to choose what they really like.

TV and celebrity style expert Miranda Holder explained: “I’m all for second wedding dresses – budget and time allowing, your wedding is an occasion where all eyes are on you.

“Being a celebrity or royal and getting married increases the pressure significantly so a second dress is a great idea, as it allows the bride to enjoy a variety of looks.

“Often on these occasions, the first bridal gown is a formality, a family heirloom, a political statement or part of the larger PR machine that surrounds them.

“Having a second option allows these blushing brides a moment to fully express who they really are, how they want to look – and more importantly feel – once the initial formalities of the ceremony and official photographs are over,” she said.

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The Duchess of Cambridge wore one of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time, an Alexander McQueen gown by Sarah Burton.

For the reception, the Duchess changed into a simple satin dress which she combined with a cream cardigan.

Miranda explained: “Unusually, the Duchess of Cambridge kept up the formalities with her second look, but simply scaled down in terms of grandeur and lost her enormous train.

“The dress is simple and sweet, the cardigan very pretty, but it feels like she didn’t have the opportunity to really relax on this occasion.”

On the other hand, Meghan Markle opted for a simple Givenchy dress with a bateau neck for the ceremony but then changed into a “sexier” halter neck dress.

The second wedding gown was by designer Stella McCartney and showed her bare arms.

Miranda talked about the “relaxed” dress Meghan chose for the big day.

She said: “Once again, the Duchess of Sussex fulfilled her royal duties in a breathtaking, but formal Givenchy gown, and then changed into a slinkier number that was more contemporary, a little sexier and far more her.

“This is a perfect example of formalities being over with, leaving the beautiful Princess Eugenie to indulge her fashion fantasies and wear this beautiful feminine gown.

“The blush colour is stunning on her skin tone and I’m getting medieval references with the bodice.

“Just beautiful,” Miranda said.